21 Questions with Jen Brickley

If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing or working out with Jen yet, take a peak into her life as she begins her 4th year with CrossFit.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Registered Nurse and have 21 years of experience in pediatrics.  Recently, I moved into the position of an Immunization Program Coordinator at Mayo Clinic for part of our outpaitent area along with the SEMN region.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

I love to read.  Although, during my master’s program I don’t have much time to do that!  I also love theater.

CrossFit Progression 21 Questions with Jen BrickleyFavorite genre of music?

Hip Hop.

Favorite cheat day meal?


Chalk, or no chalk?

I try not to use it unless I am super sweaty.  Plus, if Josh Grenell is around, he will yell at me.

Do you hate wallballs as much as the rest of us?


What’s your favorite movement?

Front squats.

What’s your least favorite movement?


What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

I can do double-unders, but not consistently.  I would love to become consistent and be able to use them through an entire workout.  I also have been chasing that elusive unassisted pull up.

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach?

Specifically, Nate Dunfee gave me some great snatch tips which helped me achieve a big PR.  Generally, all the coaches are awesome and I learn something everyday that helps me.  The one on one coaching session that was offered to all in December was amazing!

How do you make time to get to the gym?

Just starting a new full time job and being in school for a master’s degree has definitely brought challenges.  I have switched to regular attendance at 5:30am class.  This has brought additional motivational challenges, as I do not love getting up that early!  Talking with coach Mike and having a group of gals who try to motivate each other has helped.

Why do you make time to get to the gym?

CrossFit has been the only thing in my life that I have ever stuck with.  I am starting my fourth year at CFP.  I have never been an athlete, I hate exercising, and other programs bored me.  This has been challenging, has variety, and has been empowering.  I LOVE, the coaches and the friends I have made.  I love the way I feel.  All of that.

How has your outlook on fitness changed since starting CrossFit?

I love CrossFit and it has helped me see personally how important fitness is.  I love how there are different levels, so one can get a good workout, really challenge themselves, or compete.

How has your outlook on yourself changed since starting CrossFit?

I love that I am in my mid-40’s and found something that all ages can do.  I love being strong, feeling great, and knowing I am doing a part of total wellness for myself.  In addition, I lost a significant amount of weight and inches.  That is awesome!

How would you explain the feeling before you get to the gym each day?

Well, that is a bad question as I am coming in at 5:30 in the morning!  Ha!  I still, even 3+ years later, somtimes dread it.  I do not enjoy exercising.  But I have a ton of fun and always feel great afterward.

How would you explain the feeling you get after you leave the gym each day?

Changing to early class really energizes my day.

How has your life outside of CrossFit changed since joining CFP?

I wouldn’t say it has changed much, except people may be sick of hearing me talk about it!  I am satisfied though with what I am doing, which is great.

What has been your fondest memory during your time at CFP?

I would have to say the Christmas Hoe-Down.  I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.  It was a blast!  Plus, I got introduced to Jem’s Confections!! The second one was our Christmas Beach Party.  Great fun.

What brought you to CFP?

I just wanted to try something out of the ordinary, and it was between CFP and Farrells.  A friend of mine in another state told me I should try CrossFit and linked me to the CFP site.  I met with Josh Grenell.  It was great meeting with someone who was nearer to my age, and I just felt great after talking with him.

What keeps you at CFP?

People, coaches, fun workouts.  I really love it.

What would be your one peice of advice for someone who’s just joining CFP?

Don’t worry about being affraid.  It was MONTHS before I wasn’t scared to walk in the door.  Only compete with yourself and have fun!

Jen Brickley wears a lot of hats.  She’s a mother, wife, student, dog lover, CrossFitter, and an example to anyone who might feel like fitness can’t fit into their busy lives or they’re too afraid to start.

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