21 Questions With… Mike Bromberg

So this “21 Questions…” comes with notes from me.  Because Bromberg, as people lovingly call him, is someone you have to know to fully understand.  This Marine has been through his share of hard work and sacrifice but his sarcasm and playfulness never waver.  Truly, it’s members like Mike that bring life into the gym.


What do you do for a living?

I am the Director of Emergency Management for the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

Hockey, hockey, and more hockey.  Watching & coaching.  In the summer months I spend a lot of time on the golf course or at our camper in Merrifield, MN.

Favorite genre of music?

Classic Rock… Hip Hop Friday’s kill my ears! (Hiss)

Favorite cheat day meal?

Mountain dew (throwback) and a handful of M&M’s.

Chalk, or no chalk?

I’m not skilled enough to use chalk. (self depricating sarcasm)

Do you hate wall balls as much as we do?

I don’t mind wall balls… when I focus on my breathing.  I’ve had bad dreams of hyperventilating, passing out, and getting smacked in the face by the ball!

What’s your favorite movement?

I find the Turkish Get Up fun.  I don’t mind 10-15 burpees after your pointer on how to flop my fat old self on the ground and pop back up.  (He’s talking directly to me and I didn’t use the term ‘fat old self’, for the record.)

What’s your least favorite movement?

Overhead squats kick me almost every time.

What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

At this point in life my goal is to not hurt myself.  I’m just happy to show up, sweat, and leave in good pain.

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach?

See you tomorrow… Now I have to show up!

How do you make time to get to the gym?

It’s easy for me as my kids are older and my commitments are less.

Why do you make time to get to the gym?

I have two reasons: (1) I like the challenge; (2) The 5:30 Morning Crew rocks.

How has your outlook on fitness changed since starting CrossFit?

I’m re-energized to take better care of myself.

How has your outlook on yourself changed since starting CrossFit?

I’ve stopped comparing myself to the out of shape people!

How would you explain the feeling before you get to the gym each day?

Excited… even at 5:30 am.  I usually check out the WOD the night before for review.

How would you explain the feeling you get after you leave the gym each day?

Fulfilled that I gave a good effort and I’m better than I was yesterday!

How has your life outside of CrossFit changed since joining CFP?

I don’t see a lot of changes personally.  I have brought my two younger sons into CFP as I think it’s truly the way to get physically stronger.  I have of course taken a little grief about joining the CrossFit Cult from those too scared to try it!

What has been your fondest memory during your time at CFP?

Keeping pace with Jenna Martindale in a partner workout! (Me too, Bromberg)

What brought you to CFP?

It was a combo of things.  I’ve known Nic since his younger days of playing hockey.  Also when I went searching for CrossFit boxes, CFP had the most professional website.  Upon my initial visit it seemed like a good fit.

What keeps you at CFP?

The whole CFP attitude… ego’s are checked at the door, it’s a team effort to make each of us better every day we show up.

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining CFP?

Just keep showing up.  Progress may be slow but it will come.  Make your fitness part of your life story.  Well that’s three things but I’m a multi-tasker!


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