Saturday 11232013 – 2nd Annual Turkey Throwdown!!!

No classes due to CFP’s 2nd Annual Turkey Throwdown!!

Turkey Throwdown!!
Turkey Throwdown!!


2 Responses
  1. JennF

    Wish I was in the Throwdown.
    Instead dropped in to CF 920…

    4rds AFAP

    20 jumping lunges
    20 Kb swings 1.5pood
    20 push-ups (was praised for my form!! Woot woot!!)
    20 air squats


    Followed by crazy team relays
    Everyone planks while team waterfall bear crawl down and back
    Everyone in hollow rock position while waterfall crab walk down and back
    Everyone walk sit while waterfall burpee broad jump down and back.
    (I think this sucked more than the WOD!!)

  2. Staci Vinz

    Turkey Throwdown!!! AWESOME time with team 3 breasts and a thigh! PR’d my clean @ 190 (5#PR). I can smell 200# coming soon!!!