A Life Mentality

The following is one of those phrases that people model there life after: “Either everything can destroy you, or it can make you stronger”. This is not only a quote but a mentality that can change your training sessions, and how you handle situations in everyday life.

Not every workout is going to be perfect, not every work day is going to be awesome, the only thing I can guarantee you is that things in your life will go wrong. You have two choices, either you can be destroyed by these imperfect moments, or you can absorb the blow and become a stronger person who can handle all that life has to throw at them. Hopefully you have chosen the latter. It’s not always easy, most days it would be far easier to stay curled up in your bed waiting for your problems to dissolve. Instead let’s think about a few situations with our new mindset.

Situation – The work out today has strict pull ups, and I’m not even close to being able to do them. I’m thinking about skipping this workout until an easier one comes up that I can handle.

Response with new mindset – Pull ups! those are something I really want to be good at, maybe even do 10 in a row strict someday! I am definitely showing up for this workout today, it will be hard but I’ll be better for making it through it. I am going to try to do the pull ups jumping with a shorter box or use a lower resistance band. Once the workout is done maybe I can stay for a few minutes afterwards to work with a coach or other experienced members who already have the pull up down.


Situation – I can’t snatch as much as other people in the gym, I should be able to do more! Why can’t I lift more weight? I hate snatches!

Response with new mindset – I’m going to make snatching apart of my daily warm up. I have an old broom stick at home I can work on technique with when I’m not at the gym! My gym is hosting a seminar on Olympic weightlifting, I’m definitely attending! I know a one of the weightlifting coaches always works out during open gym at a certain time. I’m going to go lift during that time and see if I can get some extra help. I will get better at Snatch!

I’d like you to now take a few moments to reflect on your new mindset and how it could apply to your daily life. Think about those days when it’s hard to get going because you’re only running on 3 hours of sleep, think about those times when your car tire popped on the 5 minute drive to work, think about when you had a million things to do at work and then your boss piled on more stuff for you to do. Just remember everything can either destroy you or it can make you stronger. Become STRONGER.

Written by: Nic Scudamore

Train heavy, train often, dream, and repeat.