Athletes Profile: Ron Citronowicz

Princess Ron

1.  In General what is your background 

Played college and professional tennis. Refused to step into a gym 

2.  Age, occupation

31, Physician Assistant in a looney bin

3.  How did you get to know about CrossFit, how did you start? 

JG and I work on the same unit and I’d known about it for a year. I thought it was one of those fad things. One day I just said “f@!k it”, I was tired of being a skinny b!@#h but dreaded the boring gym. Started the on ramp and have been masochisticly hooked since.

4.   How has CrossFit changed your life, life style, level of fitness

I feel stronger and healthier than ever. More confidence and energy. Overall feeling like I’m awesome.
5.  Name one goal or personal record you would like to accomplish through CrossFit
Snatch’s!!! Just one with perfect form at a respectable weight.
6.  Favorite CrossFit moment? 
Stepping into the box the first day. That was easily the most challenging and difficult. To go from being a sloth to the awesomeness I am now.
7.  What do you like most about CrossFit CFP
 Everyone says the atmosphere, community, sense of support and challenge. Who am I to disagree. Thats why CFP f!@king rocks. 
8.  Favorite WOD
Thats hard (that’s what she said), pretty much any WOD that leaves me gasping for air when finished. If I had to pick just 1…….Cindy. It’s all the basic movements but continually she beats you down.
9.  Favorite movement
Back squats (high bar) because I actually have good form
10.  Least favorite movement
God damn snatches 
11.  Favorite food ?
Whatever I’m craving at the moment. The go to’s are pizza, ice cream and indian food. 
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