The CFP FIT class is an evolution of Strength and Conditioning that covers an aspect of fitness most people can’t singularly get from one specific program.  The focus isn’t just to become a highly skilled powerlifter or a high level endurance athlete, but instead a mesh of general strength and general conditioning for all lifestyles.  

The FIT classes will offer a unique blend of movements and different levels of intensity that can be individually tailored.  Although this sounds like most other programs, it’s far from it.   We programmed these classes to promote a general sense of fitness that promotes longevity vs athletic performance.   

Our first class will start Oct 1st and be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at the new CFP.   

These classes are sign up only and are limited to the first 15.  To insure your spot make sure you sign up for the FIT class via CFP Member Connect (Zenplanner) for members.  Drop-ins will be allowed if there is room but isn’t guaranteed.

Are you ready to get FIT?   

Note:  These classes are free for members, any non members may purchase a punch card to participate in the CFP FIT class.  

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