Couples Who CrossFit Together…


It’s hard to choose photos of these two because there’s just too many like this one that you can’t not share.  Roo & Clara have been CrossFitting for quite some time and together they’ve found ways to improve each other’s lives and work as a team inside and outside the gym; all while making life FUN.  Read on to get their perspective on being a couple who CrossFit’s together.

How long have you been claiming each other? 


16 years.


In an official capacity, almost 11 years but overall we have been together for 16 years.

Who found CFP first? 


I did.


Roo & Josh Grenell started doing CrossFit workouts at the Healthy Dan in 2009 I think.

What’s the worst thing to say to your partner in the middle of a workout? 


Let’s go.  Good job.  Pretty much anything that comes out of my mouth, but it’s not specific to me.  She’s one of the people that doesn’t really like being talked to while she’s working out.


You can’t do that, because he will probably either prove you wrong or hurt himself.

Who buys more workout gear? 


If you mean for the gym, that would be Clara.  If you mean poles & lumber to builder stuff in our back yard, that would be me.


I do, but I also pretty much live in workout clothes 24/7.

What’s your favorite thing to do together outside of the gym? 


Go for a walk with our dogs.


We love to eat and we love taking our dogs for nature walks.

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten from your partner? 


Don’t get hurt.


He used to be a coach so I have gotten a lot of good specific advice, but one time he told me I have long femurs so I’m sure that info will come in handy someday.

How do you make time to get to the gym? 


Clara picks me up from work and we head straight there.  If we go home it’s much harder to get back out of the house and into the gym.


It’s just one of our priorities.

Do you two work out at the same time?  Why?  Why not? 


Most of the time we do.  Usually at least one of us is motivated to get to the gym so going at the same time helps the other one make it to the gym when he/she might not otherwise.


If we don’t, we probably won’t work out much at all.

What’s the best part about having a partner that shares your interest in CrossFit? 


There’s always somebody that knows what the heck you’re talking about, but if I had to pick the best part it would probably be the food.  She’s become a really good cook, and keeps me eating much better than I would otherwise.


Talking about the WODs after class, sharing our miseries and triumphs.

How has your outlook on your partner changed since starting CrossFit? 


When I started CrossFit it was back before there were any CrossFit gyms in Rochester.  It was before we knew Clara had issues with her thyroid and things weren’t all that great to be honest.  Fortunately Clara figured out what was causing her health issues.  She changed her diet, started to join in on workouts, and I started to get my wife back.  Now we workout together, we eat well together, and we do more fun stuff together as well.  I’m proud of her for not giving up


Mostly I feel proud that we are so active together and we both enjoy healthy eating.  It wasn’t always like that.

11659278_10153500107296450_4481202801925433034_nWhat has been your fondest memory with your partner during your time at CFP?


The Spartan Sprint!  It was fun training together during the SHT training sessions.  Then having fun together with the rest of the CFP crew out on the course.


Watching him be a goofball as DJ Bro Rep during Friday Night Lights.

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate all that is, was, and always will be, DJ Bro Rep…

16783217579_2682350b41_k copy

What would be one piece of advice for your partner regarding their CrossFit journey? 


Keep being smart about your workouts.  Work with the coaches to modify things as needed.  That’s what they are there for, and the white board does not have to be set in stone.


He’s pretty balanced already, but sometimes I remind him to eat more food because he burns it up so fast.

I asked them both to caption the following photo.  Both had the same vibe, (Roo’s overall jealousy of Wallace’s current situation).

Couples who CrossFit Progression Rochester, Minnesota

Now let’s see how well they know each other’s CrossFit style.

Favorite Genre of music. 

  • (Roo) Today’s alternative.
  • (Clara’s Guess) Rock? Ish?
  • (Clara) Indie Pop
  • (Roo’s Guess) Same as mine.

Favorite Cheat Day Meal. 

  • (Roo) I don’t really have cheat meals because I basically eat whatever i want.  I’ll go with John Hardy’s though.
  • (Clara’s Guess) Blueberry Glazed Donuts
  • (Clara) Bun-less burger with fries
  • (Roo’s Guess) She’s pretty strict so not sure if she does cheat meals, but I’ll go with candy.

Favorite Movement. 

  • (Roo) Handstand Push Ups
  • (Clara’s Guess) Handstand Push Ups or something monkey like
  • (Clara) Double-unders are my jam.
  • (Roo’s Guess) Double-unders

Least Favorite Movement. 

  • (Roo) Rowing
  • (Clara’s Guess) Running
  • (Clara) Wallballs
  • (Roo’s Guess) Wallballs

The Yori’s work together to get to the gym, make each other better at the gym, and enjoy each other outside the gym.  Not bad  Yori’s.  Not bad at all.



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