Daily Thoughts: Off Days

Warming up!
Warming up!

Ever have one of those “off days”? Things start out awesome, it seems like good vibes are in the air and you actually feel like you’re floating instead of walking. But then one by one little things start to happen those good feelings are followed by a crash of anxiety, fear, and resistance. And all of those feelings that you thought were tucked far away in your conscience start to creep out. You take a nap and overslept for work; feel the anxiety start to creep in as you speed in your car to work. You walk up to the door only to realize that you left the office keys at home. You speed back home and finally make it in to work flustered, frustrated, and frazzled, ……………..STOP.

Remember you’ve been here before, and because you are reading this you must have made it. To this point you have won, nothing to this point has been able to kill you. You have had your share of failures, screw ups, and embarrassments, but something is different. All of your life experiences good and bad, have built up to develop what I refer to as “Grit”. You are a coarse, rough, and abrasive individual. The numbers are in your favor, and always will be until you decide otherwise. Instead of losing it, know that you have the ability and grace to handle every and all situations.

Until you die, or until you quit, you cannot, you will not lose.

Always be gritty, and be awesome everyday.
See you soon,

Coach Nic


CFP Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW level 1 Club Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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