Daily Thoughts: Squats


Why do squats continue to be hard, why do you consistently miss lifts out front when in an overhead position, what is the pain you feel in your knees after a heavy squat day? All questions that anyone trying to become more fit while using functional movements have asked themselves. The simple answer is you have to move into these uncomfortable positions more often. Remember normal tissue doesn’t hurt, and at one time in all of our lives squatting, crawling, and putting our arms over our head, were as routine to us as breathing.

Years of inactivity or not continuing to get into mobile positions make even the simplest of moves such as squatting painful. But with a little focus and daily practice we are all capable of getting our “child like” mobility back. I’m going to use an air squat as an example for you to apply to the rest of your body’s mobility. Start by working towards 5 minutes daily of air squat holds in the lowest position possible. After 2 weeks of this you should notice an immediate difference. You should be able to stand longer, squat longer, recover from workouts faster with less knee and leg pains the day after. I recommend breaking up the air squats into 2-3 daily sessions. Right away in the morning, after a workout, and in the evening before bed. Every 2-3 weeks add a minute to your daily squat holds. The goal eventually being able to easily sit in a squat for 10 minutes straight and to daily get 30 minutes of squatting.

Humans were meant to move, sitting is the enemy and don’t let anyone especially your own self tell you otherwise, SQUAT. Of course given the society we live in there are times we must sit; unless you are super hardcore and refuse to give into society as we know it; mad props if you are the guy refusing to sit in a chair at the restaurant. I will slow clap you next time I see you. If you have to sit, sit with good posture; sit like an adult.

See you soon,

Coach Nic


Nicholas Scudamore

CFP Strength Head Coach

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Club Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

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3 Responses
  1. Naveen

    Good one Nic 🙂
    From now on, I will try to implement that air squat holds whenever possible i.e., when watching a movie at home or something like it.