Daily Thoughts: Supplements

IMG_0735Sometimes, when I’m trying to be organized I’ll count up my bills at the end of the month. This usually includes a tallying of what I’ve paid for supplements. Often times I end up asking myself the same question, do I really need that supplement? Here is a list of the supplements I have been consistently consuming: SFH Pure Whey, Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate, SFH fish oil, and Progenex Force (caffeine).

Although I may consistently take the above mentioned supplements I find my performance levels to be much higher and much more consistent when I have done the following 3 things. First and foremost having slept for at least 7 hours. Second having ate my body weight in grams of lean natural sources of protein (does not include protein powder, grass fed animals are best). And third I have eaten enough healthy-ish carbs.


I don’t have an exact number and usually go on feeling of my training sessions. If i’m tired I need more carbs (Healthy Carbs = energy), If I feel bloated, less. Do some research online to figure out the right number of carbs for you. The eating of enough carbs becomes even more important when you are trying to gain muscle mass or training on a daily basis. Remember you won’t get fat in one night, just like you won’t get ripped in one night either. Find your balance, and love the body you have every day.

Back to supplements, and the taking of them. There are 2 times that I can recall when I really noticed the effect my supplements had on me. The first was when I stopped taking creatine for a couple of months after having had taken it for the better part of the previous year. Next Is the first time I did a Paleo challenge and essentially started my diet over again with a clean slate. If you want to really know how supplements make you feel and what they do to your body specifically, take a month or two the next time your gym does a paleo esque challenge and reset your diet.   Remember when I talk about diet I mean what you consistently eat over the span of your lifetime not the 2-3 weeks you didn’t drink a soda.

Notice how before taking supplements I recommend making sure your diet is in check. If your diet is still similar to that of a grade schoolers; for example you can’t go a day without consuming processed and refined foods filled with sugars and chemicals, and cereal is still a staple of your breakfast, supplements aren’t for you yet. That’s okay, we were all there once and sometimes we float back there every once and awhile. The best investment if you want to really supplement your diet would be to invest in some awesome all-natural, grass fed, free range, locally grown, real, organic, food. The best advice I ever received about supplements and still try to pass on to others is “Supplements are exactly what there name is, a supplement or something in addition to what your are already doing”. If what you are eating is already awesome supplements will compliment it. If what you’re eating is not so awesome change that first, then compliment it.

Never lie to yourself, and be awesome everyday.

See you soon,

Coach Nic

CFP Strength – Head coach

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 Club Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

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2 Responses
  1. Naveen

    As Nic said, Eating clean is the most important of all. If u eat clean, supplements will help you.
    Nic, I would like to add one more line here: Supplements or No-Supplements, getting stronger & better depends on eating clean and being positive (i.e., your mental state).