FNL – 15.3 and 15.4 recap


There is 1 week left in CFP’s Friday Night Light’s series. Lets look back at what weeks 3 and 4 brought us.



In 15.3 we saw Muscle ups, Wall Balls, and Double Unders, knocking out 3 classic CrossFit movements. People are still talking about the beef kabobs from Otis Family Farms. Bob from “Otis Family Farms” usually works out in the morning classes if you have more questions about buying organic grass fed beef and or cage free chickens.

Leave a review or comment if you would be interested in monthly meat orders at CFP!


Week 4 (15.4) brought us a brand new movement never before seen in the CF Open, Hand Stand Push Ups! They paired HSPU with Cleans in an 8 minute ascending couplet. 15.4 definitely was not a lung buster like 15.3, but definitely put your shoulders and arms in a state of muscular fatigue if not failure. Our Sponsor for week 4 was our friends COSTCO! Maggie our COSTCO rep. for the evening was nice enough to come out and share an assortment of healthy products offered at COSTCO with our community.

After seeing all of the healthy products that COSTCO offers and talking with Maggie a quote came to my mind that I think we can all take some time to reflect on, “You can be fit and still be unhealthy”. Remember think twice about what you put in your body, you only have one. We are fortunate enough to live in a community with multiple healthy, affordable, places, to shop for you and your family like COSTCO and Otis Family Farms.


Healthy body = a healthy life.

Be well, always.


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