Food is Medicine


Food is Medicine


Have you ever wondered what Ibuprofin is made out of? Or where Neosporin originated? Or what is in Pepto Bismal? Have you ever wondered if there was another way of treating your ailments other than popping that pill, or drinking the medicine, or spraying that spray? Do you think to yourself, there has to be something else, something easier, more natural? There is..Food!!!

I am not going to tell you to eat your moldy tomatoes instead of getting a Penicilin shot. But I will tell you that popping those antacids everyday after lunch is unnatural and most likely counterproductive. There are simple foods that already have the power of healing that you are looking for and they are tasty too!

Here are a list of foods, how they contribute to your health and how you can easily add them to your daily diet. Write it down, copy it, print it out, put it on your fridge and let the power of food do it’s work.


Dill: aids digestion; add to chicken or fish, eat pickles.

Tarragon: heart healthy; use in sauces

Oregano: kills bacteria; best in tomato dishes and sauces

Bay leaf: natural pain reliever, great for headaches or migraines; use in soups, sauces, stews and any type of pot roast.

Rosemary: boosts brain activity and helps fight fatigue; put on grilled meats, or your favorite Paleo chocolate dessert.

Cayenne: appetite supressent and metobolism booster; use on meats, add to vegetables

Cinnamon: controls glucose levels; put in coffee grounds before making coffee, add to nut mixes or lara bars, etc. Cinnamon can be put on anything and everything.

Sage: increase memory; great on pork and poultry.

Turmeric: “the wonder herb,” honestly, look it up and do your research, this stuff has it all…fights cancer, clears plaque from arteries, controls blood sugar levels, speeds up metabolism….etc. Turmeric is good on eggs, vegetables and meat. Add black pepper to increase the benefits.

And last but not least….

FISH OIL! If there was one type of food or herb or supplement that you could take everyday it would definitely be fish oil. Sparing you all the details drink your fish oil!!!! There are many different reasons and plenty of research to back it up, but honestly you are all capable and intelligent human beings that can figure it out. Not only does fish oil decrease inflammation, but research has shown it to lower the risk of autoimmune disease, depression, cancer, bipolar disease and decrease the progression of Alzheimer disease.

Okay, okay, so plants cannot cure everything but look at all the amazing things they can do! Your food should not be thought as fuel only, but also as a means to a healthier you. Ask what your food can do for you?


Coach Juli

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