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There will be no WeightLifting at 9am this Saturday   

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Date:  Sunday, February 16 

Time:  9:30am – 11:30am  

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A.  EMOM – 12 Mins 

1st Min – 10 x Russian Swings 

2nd Min – 10 x Box Jumps 

3rd Min – 5 – 8 x Burpees 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

30 x Squats 

20 x Push-ups 

50 x DU 

Performance – Spor

A.  EMOM – 12 Mins 

1st Min – 5 x SC + PJ @ 95lb/65lb +++ (Sport @ 135lb/95lb ++)  

2nd Min – 10 x Box Jumps @ 24inch/20inch 

3rd Min – 5 x Burpee Box Overs 

B.  5 Rounds AFAP 

30 x Air Squats 

20 x HR Push-ups 

50 x DU 

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15 Responses
  1. Carrie

    A. 65# 20″ box. Like these alternating movements with a slight break inbetween
    B. 12:32. 75singles each round. I was tired when I walked in the door. Tough day glad I made it through.

  2. kit

    A. Done
    B. 12:28
    HR push-ups are the killer, and I ‘d rather do more squat cleans (not complaining). Awesome Combo!

  3. Crysta P

    A. Done Rx (first time ever – yay!) (65lb/20inch box) Worked on landing softly on the box. More confident with the 20″ height. Even did jumps instead of step-ups the last round of burpee box overs.
    B. 13:57 (subbed singles for doubles) Air Squats were the easy part. Hoping I can get DU’s this weekend!

  4. Jason

    After being sick for a couple days, today was tough, but I pushed through.

    A. @75lbs, Was going to do Rx, but I’m glad I didn’t as I was just tired at the end of this one.
    B. 14:06. Not fast by any means, but I’ll take getting in under the cap today.

  5. Jessi A

    A. @ 65#, box jumps at 12 inches. I felt a little silly doing those at 12 inches, but this is the first time I’ve done box jumps in 11 months (since my back injury), so I’ve been very nervous.
    B. 15:26, did HRPU from knees and 75 singles

  6. Pat Demeules

    A. 95# and 24″ box. Tried to do mainly jumps. Probably 80/20 overall.

    B. squats were no issue. Push-ups are my weakness, did 20 regular hr push-ups first round. Then moved to from the knees for the rest. Did 50 single unders.

  7. Nicole Chovan

    Workout done at Crossfit Kilo.
    A. Power clean and jerk + clean and jerk 5×1 done at 80% RPE. 65kg (143lbs)-65-65-65-65. Felt that that was heavy enough. Could have probably gone a little heavier…but the conversion is taking me a while to catch on.
    B. Mary- 20min AMRAP
    5 HSPU
    10 Alt Pistols
    15 Pull ups
    I had 11+26. My hand ripped during that last set of 15 🙁 Tried to keep going, but was very slow. Overall, good workout. Pull-ups were tough, everything else was manageable.

  8. Susan kian

    Part a done with 65 hang squat clean PJ 20 inch box step ups and pregnant burpee box overs.

    WOD with push-ups from knees. Dubs were not bad even under fatigue. I could do a set of 30-35 then I started to trip up from being tired…still an improvement. Getting better every week.

  9. Paul Bye

    A. Completed @95# C&J, 24″ box jumps/burpees. Last round of C&J was really slow.
    B. 13:22, with single-unders. Push-ups have to be my most improved thing since starting CrossFit, when I started I couldn’t even do one strict, correct (no knees) push-up, was able to get first round in this WOD unbroken and did all 5 rounds close grip without knees. Now to learn double-unders on Sunday…