Friday 05092014



A.  Est a 3RM or 5RM Front Squat 

B.  AFAP   

20 x DB Manmakers


A.  Est a 1RM Front Squat 



30 x Clean and Jerks at 135lb/95lb 

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14 Responses
  1. Joel

    A. 255 (new PR but didn’t have an old PR so it’s a good start).
    B. 2:41 (modified with 1 armed KB c&j @ 1 pood).

  2. Carrie

    A. 210# first time PR. Surprised myself
    B. 2:18 85# 23 sec PR. Angry Josh can really push you!!

  3. Josh H.

    A.) 285lbs – Never tested a 1RM for front squat, so I guess this is a PR
    B.) 2:55 Rx – Did all singles. That’s a PR of 2min and 20sec comparing back to last August. Yowza!

  4. JennF

    A. 200. Early celebrated what I thought was 205, and 210–but it was just bad math. I’ll take 200, (5# PR)
    B. 2:40Rx. 5-3-2-then 20 singles.

  5. Sara Jech

    A. 185 – 5 lb PR
    B. 2:50 Rx… Never have done it Rxed before, so it was good to give it a go
    10-5-and singles and doubles

  6. Paul Bye

    A. Front Squat 255# – 50# PR! Bryce continues to remind me that I’m “quad-dominant” so I’m going to have to keep working on form on this one.
    B. 3:52, @115# Clean & Jerk. 10-5-5 then singles. Next time I’ll try the Rx, probably could have done it today.
    C. Tabata abs – 8 rounds situps, 1 minute plank, 2 side planks. Really good stuff, abs still sore.
    Great coaching Sara and Bryce!

  7. Susan Kian

    Kb workout at home. May try grace on sat or Sunday to test it.

    Kb American swings4x20
    5×10 L push-ups to build strength for strict hs push-up
    Plank holds and rocks with exercise ball
    Kb row 4×10 on each side
    40 dips off of a chair
    Goblet squat 40