Friday 05112012


A.  15 Minutes of Kettlebell Snatch work 

B.  AFAP: 

30 x Kettlebell Snatches 

400M Run 

30 x Box Jumps 

20 x Kettlebell Snatches 

400M Run 

20 x Box Jumps 

10 x Kettlebell Snatches 

400M Run 

10 x Box Jumps 

C.  3 Rounds NFT: 

15 x V-ups 

20 x Russian Twists 

25 x Flutter Kicks 

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11 Responses
  1. Jer

    10:55 rx
    Last 400 was a little bit harder than expected. Past KB classes w/ Cory really helped on the snatches.
    Still sore from squats! As JG would say, it feels great to have the day paid for by 0630.

  2. Amy

    10:25. I think I posted 13:25 on the board…so I’m guessing it’s somewhere in between!
    Thanks for another ass kicking!

  3. jgrenell

    14:45 RX Heart rate pegged at max the whole wod after the first 400m run. Perfect for a friday eve.

  4. Staci

    10:07 RX weight with 400m rows and step ups.
    I really like doing KB snatches now that I don’t bruise my forearms.
    Did the vanity abs too.

  5. bryanakervik

    13:29 with 35lb Kb. Box jumps are getting stronger, still can’t get a fast rhythm on them. 400M were killers. Running definitely a weak spot for me. Fun workout!