Friday 07262013


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A.  10 min Skill AMRAP

Pos 3 Clean

Pos 1 Clean

Split Jerk

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

Row for Max Meters 

3 Min Rest 

100 x Russian Swings AFAP 


A.  Every 75 Secs for 8 Sets 

1 x Clean (Pos 3) 

1 x Clean (Pos 1) 

Split Jerk 

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

Row for Max Meters 

3 Min Rest 

150 x Russian Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood AFAP 


Level 2 

Every 75 Secs for 8 Sets 

5 x C2B Pull-ups 

2 x Power Clean + Jerks 

Level 1 

Every 15 Secs for 16 Sets 

1 x Power Clean + Push Jerk @ 205lb/125lb 

3 Min Rest 

Max UB Set of Bar Muscle-ups 

B.  5 Min AMRAP 

Row for Max Meters 

3 Min Rest 

150 x Russian Swings @ 2 pood/1.5 pood AFAP 

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17 Responses
  1. Jenn Frank

    A. 100#
    B. 1260… beat by THE JECH by 10 strokes…. 🙁 and 5:35 on KB RX. she killed me there. Nothing personal Sara!! Competition just motivates me, otherwise I would have wimped out!!

  2. Amy K

    A) clean position 3,1, split jerk 105x 2 then 110 x 6

    B) 5 min row 1216 meter
    C) 150 kettlebells 5:52 minutes. Terrible hand cramps.

  3. Sara J

    A. 85lbs- Position 1 is tough!
    B. 1270….. Jenn you mean you *couldn’t beat me* hahahaha JK JK… We’ll have to do the 1/2 marathon together!!! I couldn’t imagine keeping this pace for that long!!!! Ridiculous…
    4:19 for 150 KB Swings @ 1 pood….

  4. Paul Bye

    A. @115#. Doing the pos 1 cleans (and the snatches on Monday) are really good for me, they force me to do the arms/elbows the right way.
    B. 1258m rowing in 5 minutes, 5:15 for 150x russian swings @1.5 pood
    Thanks Nic, Julie, and Roo – great to get a couple different coaching perspectives for the 4:30 class today!

  5. Rach

    A: 105 x2, 115×2, 120×2, 125×2
    B: Row: 1195 (my butt started to cramp!! OUCHIE!)
    Swings: 4:51 rx

  6. Susan Kian

    Garage workout
    Front squats
    Strict press
    Weighted walking lunges
    Ran around silver lake

    Amazingly nothing was sore after yesterday except my hands are full of fluid filled blisters so I decided to opt out of today’s workout so I wouldn’t rip.

  7. Jessi

    A. Did 55#, way too light, bumped it up to 65#. Didn’t want to push the shoulder too much, but otherwise still really light. Position 1 always feels easier than position 3…?
    B. 1098 5 min row; 4:24 150 swings with 1pd. The only thing that felt it was my grip/forearms, which didn’t seem right. So I demonstrated my swing for Jeremy and discovered that I’m doing it wrong. And have been FOR A YEAR.
    C. Dead bug/laughing. I’m really bad at dead bug.

  8. Crysta P

    A. @55lb very light, but keeping the shoulder happy on the split jerks. clean form felt pretty good today.
    B. Fitness – 1118 m, 4:47 (pink) – my grip strength sucks

  9. Cory L

    A. 65, 85, 85, 105, 105, 105, 105, 105. Getting the hang of the clean form I think. A slightly wider grip and releasing the hook grip on the turn helped a lot. Was able to focus on driving weight up faster and getting the bar higher onto my shoulders (felt so much better). Should be able to start ramping up the weight a little more next time and working on more speed with the dive/turn.
    B. 1310m row, 5:40 KB (1 pd). Row was tough but I was happy I averaged about a 1:55/500m pace. The KBs killed my legs; I had to break it up in sets of 10 at the end. Felt like a leg workout until it was all over and I realized I had a lot more tired muscles… just… everywhere. Could hardly close my hands when it was all said and done. Great workout!

    I’m still terrible at dead-bugs, but better than I was on Monday. 🙂