Friday 09062013


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Fitness – Performance – Sport

WOD for Dogs

A.  3 Rounds for total Reps

1 Min at each station


Thrusters @ 75lb/55lb 

Russian Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

Jumping Air Squats 

Lateral Burpees 

5M Shuttle Run 

1 Min Rest 

Games Track 2014

A.  Pause Front Squats – 5 x 2 w/3 Min Rest 

B.  EMOM – 20 Mins 

1 x Heavy Clean & Jerk 

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17 Responses
  1. Nicole Chovan

    WOD for dogs- 364. Was hoping for 375 but I was still satisfied with that. I enjoyed the workout much more than I thought I would! Great job Roo!

    A. 165/175/175/175/175. Felt good. Would have kept going but was crunched for time.
    B. I was planning on sticking around 135 but it felt good so I kept going up. Started at 125 and finished at 165. Then did 170 twice (failed first rep). Felt really good today. One of my better days in the gym this week!

  2. Susan Kian


    Pause front squats done 105
    15 c and j at 105 done every 5-10 seconds instead of a minute since the weight was light

  3. Megan

    Great WOD for dogs!
    Great job Roo!
    Hope we raised a lot of $ for shelter dogs:)

    351???? I can’t remember but I wrote it on the whiteboard. Only did 35# thrusters. They were killers!

  4. Clara

    Felt pretty ill today so I “dogged” it on the WOD for Dogs. I didn’t want to miss it and I also wanted to be there to put some $ in the bucket for Matt’s burpees. =)
    Score: 219

  5. Sara R.

    WOD for dogs-GREAT WORKOUT

    243-when I started my goal was 250, 7 shy, not so bad I guess

    First workout I really thought I was gonna throw up during and after BUT enjoyed it!