Friday 09132014

CFP Boot Camp  

Our next boot camp starts September 30th and meets M/W/F at 7pm-8pm.  CFP offers group discounts of three or more, for more details and to register follow this link.  

CFP ladies
CFP ladies


A.  EMOM – 10 Mins

Even – 5 x Power Swings

Odd – 5 x Hip Bridges

B.  7 Min AMRAP



A.  EMOM – 10 Mins

Even – 3 x Power Cleans

Odd – 3 x Push Jerks (Yes, there is an extra clean)  

B.  7 Min AMRAP 



A.  EMOM – 10 Mins 

Even – 5 x TNG Squat Cleans @ 155lb/105lb 

Odd – 5 x Bar Muscle-ups 

B.  7 Min AMRAP 

Burpees to a 6 inch target overhead 

Games Track 2014 

A. Pause Front Squats – 5 x 1 w/3 Min Rest 

B.  Every 90 Secs for 10 Sets 

5 x G2S Atlas Stones @ 115lb/70lb 

30 x Double-unders 

C1.  GHD – Sit-ups – 3 x 20 

C2.  Reverse Hyper – 3 x 20 (Light) 

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23 Responses
  1. Sara Jech

    A. 85, 85, 95, 95, 95
    B. 100 Burpees with a 6 inch target overhead!!!
    I must have kept a pretty even pace throughout because when Josh yelled half way done, I was at 50!!!!!!

  2. Marcy

    A. 55# power cleans and push jerks
    B. 77 burpees in 7 minutes! WAY more than I was expecting to be able to do! 🙂
    (I keep thinking about Matt doing his 1,100 next week…how is that even possible!?! But, if anyone can do it, he can! )

  3. Nicole Chovan

    A. Performance @ 115. Wish I could have gone heavier, but super worn down today.
    B. 112 to 6 inch target. My goal was to beat Matt and Jeremy’s 2012 open scores 😉 accomplished.

    Airdyne 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 10 rounds.
    Attempted GHD sit-ups and reverse hypers, but got light headed pretty and decided to call it a day.

  4. Susan Kian

    A) emom sport squat cleans 105 and instead of bar muscle ups Shawn gave me a substitute…..bent over rows. Hand ripped on toes to bars and is so close to being healed so I didn’t want to rerip with granite games coming up shortly.

    B) opted for an air dyne/ ski wod today. It was hard but I liked it. I love the ski thing!

    Didn’t get to the GT track today…need some good ol rest. 🙂

  5. Carrie

    A. 105x2rounds, 115# x3rounds
    B. 73 burpees. Weren’t pretty at times but pleased with breaking 70. Good goal Josh set for us.