Friends in Fitness




Friends in Fitness

When I first started CrossFit I found myself constantly talking to my family, friends and co-workers about how it hurt my legs to sit down and pee, it hurt my arms to grab a plate for dinner and how I couldn’t believe I did 100 push-ups plus a bunch of other stuff in less than 30 minutes! For awhile they were entertained with my stories, but then something happened; they started to look bored at what I was saying.

There is something special going on in our community of fitness and especially here at Crossfit Progression; friendships. Through personal records and struggles we can depend on our friends at CFP to understand what we are going through every step of the way. Our community of friends have a different understanding of what we do in life, specifically in our gym. We understand each other because we know what it means to get 8 Calories on that @#%& Assault bike and how amazing a 5 pound PR on our Snatch really is.

Growing up I only participated in team sports so when I joined the CFP I was extremely concerned about not having someone to depend on or not having a team to help carry me through. But I soon found out that the community is not only a new group of friends, it was my team. No matter if I am first or if I am last, I have my team of friends to help cheer me on and depend on me to cheer them on.

It’s hard to get to the gym for many reasons that life tries to put in the way but you can’t let your team down! We are all in this together whether it be helping each other try a little harder on that run or put a little extra weight on that barbell. We are depending on you to help us through and are here for you too!

So the next time you are trying to decide whether or not you should go to happy hour with your co-workers, remember you can always join them after you go play an hour game of Crossfit at CFP with your friends.


Thanks for reading.

Coach Juli  

4 Responses
  1. Marcy

    Yes! CFP has got community down! It is so valuable and important. Thanks for expressing it so well Juli!

  2. megan l

    Well said. I enjoy every moment of my time with Crossfit friends:) I often think of how lucky we are to have such a great community of athletes.

  3. Keith

    That is what I love about Crossfit. I know I am not going to lift the most or be the fastest, but I am going to give my best and know that if I finish last, everyone in the box is going to be cheering me on, as I would do for each of them. 🙂
    Thanks Juli!