Growing a Community

Community – “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”

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Turkey Throwdown!
Turkey Throwdown!


If you are apart of a Crossfit Gym you are apart of a community. As a member you come in with certain goals and wants that we as coaches are there to help you meet. We are there on the best of days to cheer you on to success, and we are there on your worst of days to help pick you up. Sometimes we may even show up at your house via e-mail, phone calls, and postcards, to help remind you to come back to your community. Maybe you as a member have wondered “what can I do to give back?”.

Occasionally most Gym’s hold what is known as a “friends and family day” or a “bring a friend day”. While to most people this may seem like just another boring announcement at the end of a workout, this is one of the most important events to your coaching staff. We as coaches love people finding out about our gym online or from various advertisements. What we love even more is when members take it upon themselves to help grow the community. To us THIS IS the biggest compliment that you could ever give. By bringing in family and friends to join in on your fitness endeavors you are pretty much saying that you believe in what we are teaching and coaching and think it would be worthwhile for your loved ones and close friends to try out. This is huge and something that we as coaches will appreciate for ever. The community of our gym is our livelihood and something that we go to bed thinking about each and every night.

Next time your gym gives you the chance to bring your friends and family into your community make sure you take advantage of it. Your coaches will be forever grateful, and your community strengthened.


Written by: Nic Scudamore

Lift heavy, lift often, dream, and repeat.

Nic Scudamore

USAW Level 1

Head Weight lifting Coach

CFP Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

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