[Hand Care] Rip Prevention




By Jenna Martindale

We’ve covered how to treat rips in the past but today we’re giving you some tips on how to prevent them all together.  Can anyone else hear Josh’s voice echoing something about chalk in the woods?

Whether you’re a chalk monster or not, there are a few things you can do in and outside of the gym to prevent ripping your hands.


  • Take the time to shave down your calluses.  The build up and tear is a vicious cycle that will never end.  Use a pumice stone, PedEgg, or corn/callus shaver.  Shave the calluses down when they are still swollen.  Don’t go crazy; leave just enough to protect the skin of your former, wimpier palm.
  • Keep your hands moisturized between workouts.  Any old lotion will work but lots of good things are said about O’Keeffe’s Working Hands.


  • Warning: polarizing topic approaching.  Minimize (& eliminate if possible) your chalk use.  You can be thoroughly enthralled by Joshua Grenell getting all sciency on us HERE or you can literally learn the hard (& bloody) way.  Chalk creates more friction.  That friction creates rips. It’s pretty simple.
  • You may be gripping all wrong.  Check out this video to test your grip.  Adjust as necessary and thank us later.


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