Holiday Nog Fest!!!


Nog Fest

CFP is proud to announce the first annual “Holiday Nog Fest” (HNF).

Nog Fest will include a hellish workout, Egg Nog drinking, and general holiday cheer. This festival will be held at CrossFit Progression December 20th at 12 noon. The workout is optional, of course, but WOD or no WOD, we hope all will come and engage in our great community!

With this event we plan on raising money via the sale of T-shirts. 100% of which will be donated The Boys and Girls Club of Rochester MN.   

Whenever we have the chance to make a positive change in someone else’s life, we do it. That is the CFP way.

To reserve your T-shirt today and support a good cause follow this link here! 

The work outs  (workouts will run in 15 min. capped heats)

Never done Crossfit   – welcome to a lifestyle

50 Lunges

30 ring rows

30 burpees

buy out – 1 glass of egg nog

 CrossFitter – This isn’t your first rodeo

30 barbell lunges

(75 /55)

15 Strict pull ups

(w/ band – 20)

30 Thrusters

(105 / 85)

Buy out – 1 glass of egg nog

 Unicorn    – This is going to be magical

30 barbell lunges

(135 / 85 )

15 weighted strict PU’s

(Blue KB / White KB)

30 Thrusters

(155 / 105)

Buy out – 1 glass of egg nog

Community, Fitness, Passion.

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