Is the Whole Life Challenge Worth It?



Whether you participated in the Whole Life Challenge or not, there comes a time that one wonders to themselves, is it really worth it? What is the challenge really about? What if I didn’t win any prizes? What if I tried to follow the challenge without signing up? What if I couldn’t finish the challenge I started? What happens now that the challenge is almost over?

So, YES, the answer is YES. The Whole Life Challenge IS totally worth it. Whether you finished or not, are going to receive a prize or not or followed the challenge and completely failed at recording your points everyday, the challenge did in fact do something for you. This is why the Whole Life Challenge is called a challenge because it CHALLENGES you to change. And when we change, we learn something about ourselves, our lives and our surroundings.

For those who tried to follow the challenge without signing up, I am willing to bet that you started strong and then dropped off the wagon pretty early on. This is one of the reasons why there is a small fee to enter the challenge, accountability. Besides the small fee, entering your daily points is another way to keep oneself accountable on a daily basis and helps one better stay on the wagon. The challenge then has taught you that in order to really challenge yourself, you would have to sign up and record your score everyday and maybe, this would in fact, help you see the challenge to the end.

So you started and finished the challenge, but had a hard time recording your points. This is simply a problem of building a habit or schedule. The challenge then taught you if you are going to truly commit to the challenge, you would have to make the actual scoring of your game more apart of your everyday schedule. You would be challenging your daily schedule by adding a change. Example: I get up, make eggs, record my score, brush my teeth, go to work.

If you started the challenge and now find yourself in the position that you are not going to get the prizes that you thought you were, well, maybe the challenge is not all about the prizes. If you followed the challenge pretty close and just couldn’t commit 100%, what did you get out of doing the challenge at 80%?? Probably A LOT! Just because you are not going to get a prize does not mean that you didn’t get anything out of the challenge. I am willing to bet that you learned more about food, hunger, cooking, grocery shopping and sugar content than you ever have before.

So whether you find yourself in one of these paragraphs or not, take a step back and look at the challenge from a distance rather than under a microscope. Can you honestly say that you did not learn at least ONE thing from the challenge whether it was your first or tenth time doing it? My guess is that you will find that you need more work in some areas whether it be the mental or the physical. The challenge itself is not about losing weight and winning prizes for it, it is about challenge yourself to change. Even if you changed even a little bit you have made the challenge worth it for you!


Coach Juli

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  1. Debbie OMeara

    It was WAY worth if for me Juli! (Even if I made it my personal goal to find a WLC approved gum and failed! :)) I have learned so much about food in general and how your body performs and repairs itself when you give it the proper nutrients and energy it needs to do what it wants to do – which is take care of you! I have learned that I need to eat because I have to not becasue I want to.. It helps me make much better choices because in the end my reward is HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL and HOW MUCH STRONGER I AM! It was a huge success me for and I loved every minute of it… now I get to change my brain back to saying I can grab that piece of gum now! HOW COOL IS THAT! 🙂