Momentum vs. Motivation. Which wins.

Momentum Monday is the process of setting up what you want to get done in the week ahead. Simple as writing down your goals for the week and checking them off as you get them done.

Planning your week works much better than finding or not finding motivation for what you are doing randomly during the day. Building a system of discipline or habits is more effective long term than finding the motivation to complete a task daily.

I see it all the time used in advertisements or Facebook posts. “Get to the gym. You overindulged last night at the super bowl party!” “Time to work off that winter belly fat!”

I get it. And these mindsets do work short term. However, the lack of going deeper has failed many Americans. There isn’t enough motivation to overcome the massive deck of cards stacked against you. Distractions abound, and unhealthy traps await you at every step throughout your day.

I wrote about motivation and mindset a few weeks back (Are they the same thing?). Read here. Motivation works if you have a system. You cannot leave your motivation to chance.

The easiest way to change your behavior is to write down what you want to do. Have the list handy, and when you get off track, go back to the list.

So today, grab a piece of paper. Write down what you are going to do either today or for the whole week. Keep this paper with you and cross off your successes. Check it frequently and get it done.

Occasionally when I do this exercise with someone, they get the entire week’s work done on Monday. If this happens to you, let me know. =-)

Success builds momentum. The more you have, the easier it is to keep going. Let’s start that success today.

Joshua J Grenell