Monday 02172014


Friends and Family WOD

5 Rounds in groups of 3 – 4 

Waterfall Style 

150M Row 

5 x Burpee Plate Jumps 

10 x Push-ups 

15 x Squats 

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8 Responses
  1. Carrie

    15:28. With Tim and Nick. Good thing 3 people showed up or Michael was going to have to join our group!! Like the group workouts!!

  2. Keith

    Shaun mixed it up, since there were only 5 of us:
    4 rounds
    9 cal AB
    12 sumo lifts
    15 burpee plate jumps
    18 walking lunges
    3x shuttle run


  3. Jim

    Matt also mixed it up.
    2 person 4 or 5 rounds
    400m row
    20 burpees plate jumps
    30 situps
    6 shuttle runs

    20:39 w/Tim 5 rounds

  4. Clara

    We did a partner workout. Together completed four rounds of 400m row, 20 burpee plate jumps, 30 abmat situps, 6 shuttle runs. I didn’t think I pushed too hard, but I had a short asthma attack right after the workout. It has never happened to me before and it was scary.

  5. Nicole Chovan

    Did the Competitors WOD from Saturday with the Vinz’s and Nate.
    Got through 3 T2B. Felt like I was moving a little slow. Not terrible, but not my favorite.

  6. Staci Vinz

    Competitor’s WOD from Saturday
    Got through 15 T2B.
    STO felt good, I think I went a little to slow on the burpees, picked up the pace to get to T2B.
    Good Monday!

  7. Sara Jech

    10am WOD
    2 person – 5 rounds – 22:30
    400m row
    20 burpees plate jumps
    30 situps
    6 shuttle runs

    24 min AMRAP
    3 C2B- Well worked on trying to get them- didn’t connect on any of them
    15 DUs
    5 Ring Dips (with red band)
    15 DUs
    Didn’t keep count, but moved throughout the entire time…
    Really frustrated that I couldn’t connect on any C2B, even though Julie and Matt were giving me all their great tips…. Roo came to the rescue tho! Gave me the “bring your elbows up” and BAM, 3 in a row! Finally got them…
    DUs felt really good, even though I have some battle wounds!