Monday 03102014

The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is coming to CrossFit Progression April 6th from 9:45am – 5:45pm for a 1 day seminar.  No previous Kettlebell training required, this is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of strength training through Kettlebells!   

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A.  Back Squats – 5 x 5 w/3 Min Rest

B.  12 Min AMRAP

60 x Calorie Row

40 x Russian Swings

20 x Close Grip Push-ups

Performance – Sport

A.  Back Squat Clusters – 3 x 2,2,2 w/10 Sec Rest 

3 Min Rest 

B.  12 Min AMRAP 

60 x BOB 

40 x PC @ 115lb/85lb (Sport at 135lb/95lb) 

20 x Ring Dips 

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16 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 105, 125, 145. I like these back squat clusters as opposed to doing sets with more reps.
    B. 113 (PC @ 70lb, Dips on matador w green band). Should have made it through a round of everything but for being super clutzy on the matador and smacking myself in the face with the green band which hurts and hopefully doesn’t leave a mark…live and learn…
    Had some hip twingy-ness during the burpees that I will keep an eye on.

  2. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) 225, 245, 255 (worked up to 80% of my 1rm – a bit under the weather, so not 100% today)
    B.) 129 (PC @ 115) The power cleans were way slow. I did eight sets of five, targeting a 5-sec reset between but it quickly became 15 or 20 seconds of reset between. The ring dips only got hard after 15, which surprised me. I also learned today that I’m much more comfortable doing TNG reps (pushing hips back and using my hamstrings).

  3. Jason

    A) 135, 155, 165. Dropped the 165 as I was sitting down in the hole of the squat and couldn’t push my self back up. Reracked and did it correctly.
    B) 116 (PC@ 95) Overall this was fine, still having some hip pain, but so much better then it was a month ago.

  4. Sara G

    A. 105, 115, 120 – I’m happy BS are on Mondays now so I can do them more often (even though I don’t love them!)
    B. 118 – PC @ 75# x 30 and then dropped to 55# x 10, green band dips on the matador
    Good hard workout to start out the week!

  5. Jennifer Brickley

    Fitness BS: 105, 115, 115, 125, 134×4. Workout 172 reps, fitness. I liked the workout, but I would have like either a shorter distance row or more total time so I could have done the other movements twice.

  6. Paul Bye

    A0. 34″ box jump
    A. 135-185-205. Did some PR attempts afterwards, got a 245# PR (last time was 9 months ago)
    B. 1 round + 7 reps. Liked this workout, very steady.

  7. Susan kian

    Didn’t feel so hot today…no sleep for a few days. Took it easy and did 20 min elliptical and 20 on the bike at the Dahlc.

  8. Nicole Chovan

    Not really feeling it today.
    A. 185-200 Didn’t end up doing the 3rd set. Probably should have just stayed at 185 today.
    B. 115. Finished the last 5 reps anyways. Pulled a Susan on the workout….kept losing track of where I was on my burpees so I kept going back to a number I knew I did.

  9. JennF

    A. 155-175-200 felt great!!
    B. 1 + 33 with close grip push ups and PC at 85 (did 5 TNG x8) burpees were tough.

  10. Staci Vinz

    A. 185-200-210 felt good today, probably could if gone heavier.
    B. 60 burpees, 40 PC, 20 ring dips, added 11 cal on AB (was going to do 10 and go back to burpees, but only had 15 sec left, so stayed on bike). Good way to start the week.

  11. Jessi A

    A. 7×5 @ 85#, trying to get used to my Oly shoes and not fall forward so much.
    B. 170 – did Russian Kettlebell swings with 1.5 pd, that was HEAVY!!
    I agree with Jen Brickley. Either a shorter row or longer time would have been nice.

  12. Mark Michalski

    A: Worked up to 245 lbs x 2. Felt good, could have gone heavier.
    B: 120 – used 115 lbs for PC, had to use bands for the last 15 ring dips. This workout kicked my butt. Still weezing at 11pm!

  13. Cory L

    A. 125, 135, 145. Was good. Next time will go heavier.
    B. 1 + 6. Cleans at 95lbs and used a red band on a matador for the dips. Really liked this WOD for some reason. Found a good pace for the burpees and cleans and was able to keep moving. Felt good to not burn out on the 40 cleans.

  14. David Muscarella

    A. 155, 155, 145, 145, 145
    B. Fitness 1 + 50. almost green kettle and I used a box to do my push ups from.
    Good workout, legs feel good today.

  15. Jessi

    A. 90, 100, 105 – felt good this week. Last set was a little rushed.
    B. 106; cleans @ 65# – I kept losing track of my burpees. Probably should have gone to push ups with the time I had left but I wanted to do some dips!