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The StrongFirst Kettlebell Course is coming to CrossFit Progression April 6th from 9:45am – 5:45pm for a 1 day seminar.  No previous Kettlebell training required, this is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of strength training through Kettlebells!   

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Please like CFP’s FIT page.  More info coming soon!



A.  Back Squats – 3 x 3 w/3 Min Rest (Work up to a moderate weight)

B.  10 Min AMRAP

4 x Cal AB

10 x Burpees


Performance – Sport

A.  Back Squat Clusters – 3 x (3,3,3) w/15 Sec Rest/3 Min Rest

B.  10 Min AMRAP

10 x Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb

10 x Burpees

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17 Responses
  1. Jennifer Brickley

    BS 3 x 3: 115, 125, 135
    WOD Fitness: 5+ 3 cal. This was hard, but I think it is partially due to the fact that I have been having really bad asthma lately. Good workout and the warmups were fun!

  2. Josh Hoekstra

    A.) 225lbs
    B.) 6 + 1 – WOD wasn’t too bad if you sprinted through each set of thrusters and used the burpees as recovery. Okay, I lie. It sucked.

  3. Crysta P

    Did 14.4 with Jenn F
    60 (actual points) / 110 (including unofficial)
    tried for a T2B for about 4 min then moved to wallballs @10lb (struggled with these and disappointed in how long it took me to do 40) and PC @95

  4. Sara G

    A. 105, 115, 125 (failed on 9th rep) – about a month ago my one rep max was 125, so I’m making progress here!
    B. 5 + 13 – first two rounds @ 65#, then dropped to 35#

  5. Nicole Chovan

    At CrossFit Kilo
    A. Back squats sets of 3: 95-121-165-187-209- Failed first rep at 220
    B. 3 UB MU for 10 sets.
    C. 5 sets of 10 GHDs.

  6. Susan Kian

    Bs 175 185 195 felt fine.

    WOD 55#thruster plus 10 dips first four rounds and then I got lazy…so I switched to thrusters and air dyne 4 cals. Prob did like 8-9 rounds maybe? Not sure. Whatever …I got a workout. Feeling sluggish today.

  7. Jessi

    A. 85# for all 3 sets. My ankle felt a little iffy so I kept it light.
    B. 3 + 16 55# for the first 2 sets then went to 45#.
    Did some GHDs, leg raises, and planks. I was disappointed that my abs were not sore at ALL after 50 GHDs on Friday, so I’m working on not using momentum to pull me up.
    Also did 3 sets of strict pull-ups with blue + large red band – 10, 8, 7 (the last 2 sets I went to failure)

  8. Staci Vinz

    A. 176-185-195 (these didn’t feel great today, so didn’t push the weight).
    B. 6+3 UB thrusters, and used it as a bit if a recovery WOD. Didn’t push it too hard, lungs are a little junky.

  9. Marcy

    A. 85# for the 3 x 3, 3, 3 clusters. I was working on mobility and getting past parallel. Success!
    B. 4 + 17

  10. Sara Jech

    A. Squats 175-185-185… These felt heavy today…..
    B. 6+8…… Just kept moving… A lot of step backs for the burpees… Thrusters were heavy after squats…