Monday 04022012


Big Thanks to all our Volunteers this weekend during Survival of the Fittest.  Things couldn’t have gone any better without everyones help.  The CFP community definitely represented what CrossFit is all about! 

There are still plenty of spots for the April 28th kettlebell seminar with Jen Sinkler.  Start time is at 11am and will go on till 4pm.  Expect an arsenal of kettlebell movements normally not performed at CFP.   Follow this LINK to register!  

COMMENTS?  Have you been posting under comments lately?  How are you feeling?  Are you worn out?  How are the workouts treating you?  Do you know what you’re doing?  What was your time?  Did you sleep well?  I want to know how effective the program is for all of you.  To make the most effective program for all our members, I need some feedback from everyone.  Please start posting under comments.  

A.  Kettlebell Ladder 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings (Both Arms) (1/1,2/2,3/3,4/4,5/5…) 

Goblet Squats 

RKC instructor Cory Felderman will be running all evening classes through a fun warm-up and part A.  

B.  12 Minute ARMAP 

5 x Pull-ups (Strict pull-ups for advance athletes) 

10 x Burpee Box Jumps 24inch/20inch 

20 x Double-unders 

C.  3 x Sets 

30 sec Flat plank 

30 sec Left side plank 

30 sec Right side plank 

-Post results under comments  


25 Responses
  1. Angela

    WOD 4+24 (1st time using blue band! Woot-woot! I’m super happy with that because just shy of 6 mths ago, I was using the black band.) still need to work on my dbl unders.

  2. Mike Strom

    5 + 14(green band, 50 single unders/round) I love these metcon wods, but sometimes what you like isn’t what’s best for you. I need to work on strength. Maybe should have used a heavier KB and no band?

  3. Stephanie

    6+4 – scaled due to an ankle injury
    blue band pull ups
    burpee box step-ups
    20 air squats instead of double unders

  4. Jason

    5+10 no band first time no band in work out did singles during work out 2rep doudle under PR after wod if you witness it -it was priceless

  5. Staci

    WOD: 5+9 (step-up burpee box jumps, 15# weighted ball slams)
    Back Squat: 3×5 105-125-135 (felt good to get lifting again, but got some work to do!)
    30 min trainer ride
    100 abmat sit-ups

  6. Curt

    7+40 (singles) – back from a week of weakly illness and felt good to do strict pull ups mixed with burpee box jumps. Can we walk the planks next time? Actually, great way to finish with a final challenge that tests and adds an exclamation powerpoint.

  7. Jen Brickley

    5 + 10, green band, 16 inch box, singles.

    My only comment is that once beginner classes are over, it seems like there isn’t that often time to practice skill work. (lifts yes, we do that). However, things like double unders, pull ups, rope climbs, etc. Maybe sometimes it would be nice while “seasoned” people are warming up that newer people could get some coaching on how to eventually be able to do these things. Because you took the time during that one WOD a couple of weeks ago, I can finally do pullups with a band. 🙂 Or maybe once in a while skills class that is separate from regular workout? Just a thought!

  8. Cally Vinz

    A. used only the 15 kettle bell, probably should go up a weight (I’ll see how sore I am tomorrow). no back soreness
    B. 4rds+8, first time with blue band– no problem. step ups instead of box jumps (protecting my feet). Only getting 3 dbl unders in a row.
    C. FINALLY did full 30 second planks , sides are harder.

  9. bryanakervik

    4+8. Blue band on the pull-ups. Still need work on those but definitely improving. Singles….need to get working on the double unders. Great workout, was dead when we were done.

    Lower back was fatigued on the one arm Kettle swings from part A mainly due to never doing them before.

  10. Shawn Vinz

    Great class again tonight, def. need to keep working on KBs.
    WOD: 5+7 with vest, good to be back doing some work after two days off!!!

  11. Jeremy Moreland

    I thought I would only get 1 or 2 but when I saw I could get 3, I pushed it hard and nailed it 2 seconds under the buzzer. I was happy about how hard I pushed myself at the end.

  12. Mike Ganrude

    Bench: 275-5, 295-3, 305-2, 315-2, 315-2

    WOD 12 minute AMRAP
    5 strict chest to bar chin ups
    10 push press each arm 1 pood
    20 situps


  13. jen

    Good KB warmup – Great job Cory!
    WOD: 5 rounds with red band, singles
    planks – good stuff! Nice to do that at the end to work on concentration when fatigued.

  14. Cory

    Great work tonight by all of the athletes. Strong showing on a difficult variation of the swing. Keep it up!

  15. xfjosh

    WOD 4+15
    Graduated from jumping pull ups to a black band. Looking forward to moving my way through the bands.
    Enjoyed Kettle Bell a lot. Looking forward to translating some of that into the clean and snatch.
    (over 20 posts tonight so no burpies woot)

  16. Scott Gamb

    Kettlebells with Cory is great stuff!
    WOD 5+15
    Tough after 3 days off. And way to combine my 2 most hated movements: Burpee-Box-Jumps 🙂
    Heel is getting better.