Tuesday 04032012

Scott Nelson

A.  15 Minutes to work on the Clean & Jerk  

B.  5 Rounds AFAP:

20 x Front Squats 

15 x Power Cleans 

10 x Push Jerks 

5 x Thrusters  

Rest 3 Minutes after each round.  


Rx:  95lb/65lb 

Intermediate:  85lb/55lb, 4 rounds  

Beginner:  65lb/45lb, 3 rounds @ 15 x Front Squats, 10 x Power Cleans, 5 x Push Press  


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14 Responses
  1. Megan

    3 Rounds, 1st round @55, 2-3 @35. approx 17mins. I think Matt was angry when coming up with this scheme but it was good. I’m glad I pushed myself on the first round. Thanks team!

  2. Staci

    3 rounds @ 65#
    Wrists were on fire, but overall felt good. Legs are definitely in need of some serious strength training after the 10 week sebatical.

  3. Mike Strom

    A. worked up to 105# clean + 105# jerk x4. Nowhere near PR but its been awhile.
    B. 36:20 => 3 rounds at 75#, 2 rounds at 65#. Wow. If you look at what I posted yesterday you will know that this WOD is not what I like, but what I need. Loved it and hated it!

  4. Drew Flaada

    4 Rounds at 85# 24:51 (I think)

    4 rounds was a good limit. Cleans wore me down the worst, but could really feel that last set of front squats.

  5. Scott Gamb

    Oly class, great fun as usual!
    WOD: 14:20 3rnds. scaled at 55#
    Front squats were the hardest, whole thing felt good though. I took note of this WOD to do on my own time.

  6. Ben Hess

    Better late then never…

    Pretty brutal! 3 rounds 17 min. Can’t wait till Matt lets me do real squats! Someday I’ll grow up…