Wednesday 04042012d

Survival of the Fittest @ CFP

A.  10-15 minutes of Handstand work.  (This includes: handstand push-ups, walks, shoulder touches..)  

B.  With a partner (Relay style) complete: 

4 x 400M Run 

4 x 500M Row

100 x Partner Sit-ups (Together) 

4 x 200M Run (Backwards)  

4 x 400M Run 

C.  100 x Banded good-mornings.  

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14 Responses
  1. Jen Brickley

    Jen and Josh, 32:54 (50 situps)

    Jen did 50 more situps at the end

    Handstand kick ups
    50 or so good mornings

  2. Staci

    Got my first HSPU with one ab-mat!!!
    WOD: 30ish all rowing with my AWESOME soon to be mother-in-law Cally!!!!
    100 blue banded good mornings
    3 down and back sled pulls @ 90-115-115
    30 min trainer ride
    *my legs are on fire and ready for a rest day!!*

  3. Steve Vinz

    That was a burner….my legs are on fire!!!!
    Did the WOD with Josh….good job!
    100 blue ban good mornings.
    6 down and backs sled pulls @ 115 lbs.
    100 hollow rocks / ab workout.
    Good workout!

  4. Cally Vinz

    Great WOD — rowing, rowing, rowing with my girl Staci!!! Felt great when done. Followed it by 100 good mornings (red band), another 1000 row with Will, 50 more sit-ups and 100 hollow rocks (with one knee up). Bet my abs will hurt tomorrow (working on Vinz abs)

  5. Mark

    I was with Shawn but have no idea what our time was. My quads tired out pretty quick which I think has a lot to do with the WOD yesterday. Rest day tomorrow.

  6. Shawn Vinz

    with Mark for the WOD, I think we finished at 28:21? but not 100%. Great WOD, especially after yesterdays. Feels good to be running again even though I suck at it.

    Great job tonight to everyone!!!

  7. Tyler

    I did this WOD with Christy. We finished in 31:19ish. Not used to running and coupled with rowing killed the quads. Quad cramps affected both of us and our time. Need to get back into that running flowwwww.

  8. jen

    knee was achy – not from CFP, but from standing in my Innov8s at the competition this weekend, so did 1 mile swim followed by 5 sets of 5 strict pullups with minimal assistance and 50 situps.