Drew’s CFP Story 

First, a little background about me. I’m 52 years old, and have always loved an active life. Skiing, hunting, fishing, skiing, biking, hiking, did I say skiing? I was a runner when I was in my teens through my 30’s (2 to 5 miles per session, 5 or more days per week)–but gotta admit I never really liked it. I liked that I could get my workout done in 40 to 60 min, and then get on with life. I switched to biking in my 30’s at the advice of Mayo sport’s medicine, and still love to do that today. Only problem is biking is great–in the summer. Riding a stationary bike is kind of like watching paint dry while you have bamboo shoots slipped under your nails. I rowed at home for many years, having purchased my very own erg. 

Well, as I got older (going into my 40’s) working out became tougher, my skiing got worse, and I didn’t realize it but I was in pretty much perpetual pain. I’d limp for two days after a ski night, and was developing a 12-ibuprophen-a-day habit to get by. I thought it was all part of becoming an old coot. Well, my new bride Julie didn’t agree and made me see my doctor. Who sent me to physical medicine. Who then sent me to orthopedics. Turns out I had a condition called “bilateral slipped capital femoral epiphysis” (I’ll leave it up to the curious to Google) which meant that at age 43 both of my hips were completely worn through, and the “stiffness” I felt was bone on bone contact. The cure was a total hip replacement on both sides. 

That was 6 years ago. I took a year off skiing the year I got it done, but then focused on getting stronger. We were RAC members, and a year after my surgery I started working with a trainer (Cassie) who did a great job in increasing my mobility and strength. But you can only do so many hours on an elliptical machine, or pull on so many weighted cables, or listen to the Beach Boys so many times while in a spin class before your brain starts to atrophy. Julie and I knew Matt as his alter ego “Matt the bartender”, and he told us his dream had come true and he opened this “really cool” gym where people did these crazy Navy Seal workouts. He invited us to try it out. 

In April 2010 we did our first baseline workout just as CFP moved into it’s current location, met Josh, and bartered my erg for our first couple of months of membership (CFP’s rower #1 used to be mine). And I think it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. And I’ve been coming back every since. The workouts are never, ever dull. I always feel challenged and learn something new every time I step through the doors. The coaches have become friends, but more importantly treat me with respect, know how to work with me individually to help me become better (and I need to become better at just about everything!), give me the help I need, and keep it safe. And I have become a better me as a result. 

I’m 52–but my skiing is the best it has ever been. My only training this winter was at CFP–yet I was able to successfully complete my 27km ski patrol assignment at the Birkie this year with no problems. I’ve had both of my hips replaced–and I just got a PR 300 lb. back squat. I work at a desk job–yet I have about 100 people at CFP who I consider to be fellow athletes. What has my experience with crossfit at CFP been like? Life changing–and exactly what I need. Which is why I keep coming back. 

-Drew Flaada  

A1.  TGU – 5 x 3 (Right/Left) 

A2.  Russian Single Arm Swings – 5 x 5 (Right/Left) 

A1/A2 should be performed as a super set, this is not a timed work set but try to keep the rest periods as short as possible between movements.  

B.  8 Min AMRAP 

5 x Push Presses @ 135lb/95lb  

30 x Double-unders  

C1.  Divers – 3 x 15

C2.  Banded Good Mornings – 3 x 25  

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