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Will the "Canadian" Gibson

Results at CFP.

“Results” that magic word that gyms or trainers throw at you while trying to get you to sign up for their program.  We do the same thing at CFP.  We have seen results, we know they happen.  We have photographic evidence, personal accounts, WODbook numbers that all point to seemingly amazing results.

So how do you get there?  How do you get these results?  Let me let you in on a little secret.  It isn’t really that hard.

I have been watching these folks that get results for a couple years now.  I am a trained observer after all.  I have been on an acute psych ward for 14 years.  I know some of you suspected such things, but I was working while I was there I had the keys to get out(The only reason I got out according to some).  Trained observers notice things.  Patterns, habits, inconsistencies, things that normal people would notice as well if they were paid to do such things.

So I started to apply this to those at the gym who have gotten really great results.  And what I found was nothing all that special.  Kind of a let down actually.

First off those that got “Results” simple showed up.  Yep that is right.  They drove to the gym got out of their car and walked into CFP.  At least 3 days a week.  But here is the part that lead to these results.  They did it consistently.  Not a couple weeks, not a few weeks, but for weeks on end.  These people were not gym rats however.  Gym rats always get results, at least at CFP.  But the people I am talking about  averaged 3 days a week.  But they averaged it over a period of months.  Not weeks.

Secondly they bought into the system and the lifestyle.  The believed CrossFit could get them results.  They did not cherry pick their WODS.  A lot of them never even checked what the WOD of the day was before coming.  Constantly varied is not the same as Constantly -well I am not going today cause it is a movement I can or will not do- varied.

Thirdly they pushed themselves while in class.  This group however was not made up of Firebreathers.  No puking went on.  But they did give 95-100% every time they were in the gym.  They also did it smartly.  Results are hard to get when you are injured because so and so “lifted 275 so I wanted to as well”.

Forth.  They listened to coaching.  “Your squat needs work, try this after class or at home”.  They did.  “No double unders?”  “Before or after class or at home work on them for 2 weeks”.  They did.

Fifth was diet.  Most of them improved their diet.  Most did not go strict anything, some did and it did work, but most did not go paleo.  What they all did was take an honest look and improve.

That is pretty much it.  Five things they all have in common.  Now the first one is by far the most important, because from what I have seen, if the first one is done the rest all just happen.

So how do we get the 3 days a week average?  We plan ahead.  It is that simple.  On Sunday night or Saturday evening, set the schedule for the week.  When are you doing what?  Write it down.  You have to write it down.  Monday Tuesday and Thursday I will go to CFP at 6:30.  Put it on a calendar.  It is like a job interview or an anniversary, you miss those and you officially suck, don’t suck, be great.  No excuses, this is what time I go,  this is what time I have to be there.  Keep your word.  Do what you said you where going to do.  Bam.  Results.  Simple.

And it really is that simple.

Give it a try.  Get a calendar, or put it in your phone.  Sunday night plan your week, and prepare yourself for your best possible future.

See you in the gym.

Joshua J. Grenell(Trained Observer)

A.  “Pick a number any number”  

Pick a number 1-10, each number will have a different “FUN” workout to be performed by the entire class.  Which number are you going to pick?  

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11 Responses
  1. Jessica L

    Did all kinds of “fun” stuff …..did all of my pullups without a band and got 17 double unders in a row! 🙂 Happy. Easter all!

  2. Cally Vinz

    Great variety — I really like doing short sets like that. But it sneaks up on you! Feel great now though.

  3. Steve Vinz

    Enjoyed the variety of the WOD. In the end….it was harder than I thought it would be. Gotta love burpees….good workout!

  4. wsjgibson

    wow, I didn’t think anyone saw me harpoon that seal and drag it out of the water with a rope! way to catch it on camera! -the Canadian