Friday 04062012

Jeremy and Addison

A.  10 Minutes of Random Skill Work 

B.  20 Minute AMRAP 

5 x Toes to Bar 

10 x Wallballs 20lb/14lb 

15 x Walking Lungess

C.  3 x Max Effort V-ups 

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14 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    worked up a sweat lifting a PVC for 10 minutes. Thanks to Matt and Rachel for all your help

    WOD: 15 rounds + 20

  2. Jer

    Hardest part is keeping track of rounds!
    Shawn may have opened up a whole new world for overhead squats.

  3. Scott Gamb

    WOD 12+7
    V-ups 6-11-12
    Good all-around, long, workout. Feels good. Heel’s still getting better.

  4. Rob Castillo

    11 + 8, lunges kicked my arse, got into a good rhythm a few times doing toes to bar but mostly was just swinging unless I did them one at a time

  5. jen

    12+27- modified due to knee – 5 toes to bar- laying on ground, 10 dumbbell press – 15# each arm, 15 situps. Thanks to Shawn for the help modifying the wod

  6. mdsawyermd

    A. 10 Minutes of double under practice
    B. 20 Minute AMRAP – 7 + 16
    5 x hanging leg raises
    10 x Wallballs 20lb
    15 x Walking Lunges
    C. 1 x 20 V-ups