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Todd working on his Hip Hinge

-Your REFERRAL is the ultimate indication of your trust, which means the world to us.  We invest 100% of our time and energy to deliver the best coaching, value, and results to our members.  Because we are interested in continuing to build a strong community and life long relationships, we have started a referral program for all current members of CFP.  All current members at CFP will be rewarded a $50.00 dollar credit towards their membership for every new referral that joins CFP for 6 months or more.  

-Jen Sinkler – Senior Editor of Fitness for Experience Life Magazine and RKC instructor will be holding a 1 day kettlebell seminar at CFP from 11am-4pm.  Open spots are limited for CFP and non-CFP members, please click here to reserve your spot!  

-CFP will be hosting a Cinco De Mayo Gym get together May 5th from 11am-4pm at CFP HQ.  Food and some beverages will be provided for all members and friends, but any additional food or beverages are welcome to the party.  CFP will also be holding a fundraiser for our CFP competitive team that are heading to Regionals for their chance to make it to the 2012 CrossFit Games.  The current team roster is:

Jolene Smith 

Rachel Hesch 

Erin Bardsley 

Cyndi Wisted 

Matthew Arnold 

Shawn Vinz 

Addison Bain 

Jeremy Mghenyi

Travel costs can get expensive, any and all donations to the team are welcome and appreciated.

-From the Owners and all the Coaches,

Thank you to all our members and friends for making such a wonderful community!  We appreciate the passion and friendship everyone brings to the gym to make our CFP community so special.  

-CFP Team 

A.  20 Minutes of Kettlebell Skill Work 

B.  “You go I go” Each partner completes the following: 

10 Rounds: 

6 x Hike Pass Kettlebell Swings (Heavy) 

and then… 

10 Rounds:

(1R/1L) x Turkish Get-ups  (Med Heavy) 

Partners must alternate between each round, each partner should complete 10 rounds of kettlebell Swings and 10 rounds of TGU.  

-Post results under comments  

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4 Responses
  1. rach h

    Thank you from the cfp regional team! And thank you for the continued support that our gym and community have given us this far!

  2. Staci

    Hikes: 7rds@ 1.5 pood, 3rds @ 2 pood!!
    Turkish get-ups: 1pood ( tried 1 at 1.5 pood and got it!!
    Great class

  3. xfjosh

    55lb Hikes – First time moving up to 55lb TGUs. Left arm is shaky but got it done. Nice change of pace today. Nice reminders on form and technique.

  4. Cory

    Great job tonight by all of the cfp athletes. Big improvements in the swing and TGU technique. Loved seeing athletes push themselves and put up some heavy weight! Keep up the great work!