Monday 04292013

Full house
Full house


A.  Snatch Balance – 3 x 5 

B.  10 Min AMRAP 

10 x OHS 

10 x Box jump overs 


(Testing week for Performance) 

A.  Take 15 mins to establish a max Snatch 

B.  10 Min AMRAP 

10 x OHS @ 95lb/65lb 

10 x Box jump overs @ 24inch/20inch 


A.  EMOM – 8 Mins 

5 x GTO – Heavy Stone 

B.  10 Min AMRAP 

10 x OHS @ 115lb/85lb 

10 x Box jump overs @ 24inch/20inch 

-Post results under comments 


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19 Responses
  1. Paul Bye

    A. 15# snatch PR! (145#) – att. 165 and 155. Way to go 4:30 class with so many PRs today!
    B. 7 rounds @85#, 24″ box. Wrists still hurt on the way down on OHS

  2. Cally

    A. only met my PR didn’t get above it — just couldn’t get the 75# up there today
    B. 8 rounds – (apparently I went too light, but dang those OHS really hurt my wrists!!)

    Great fun working with Suzie today!

  3. Jessi

    A. 70# (5# PR)
    B. Jen & I got 5 rounds each (partner workout) – went light on weight because of my wrists/hands, and then worked on shoulder mobility. 20″ box jumps during a workout (and not doing step-ups) was a first for me, though!

  4. Allison

    A. 110# (10#PR)
    B. 5+3 with some combination of OHS, front squats, and back squats. My back decided it didn’t want me to do this workout at about minute 3.

  5. Rach

    A: 125 (tied old PR) ran outta time to go heavier…
    B: 7 rx’d
    sneaky lil wod.. ached my right flank on back… it was odd…

  6. A. Snatch PR at 85# but could not repeat. Went high early. Even with my slightly sore legs from the 5K race yesterday.
    B. Did 8 but fought to get a complete round. Used 55# and 16 inch box. Could of went higher on the box. 55# was good for OHS because my wrists were sore and I had to shake them out during the box jumps.