Monday 05052014


All Levels 

A.  Est a 1RM Back Squat 

B.  2 Rounds 

400M Row/Run 

40 x Squats 

30 x Sit-ups 

20 x Push-ups 

10 x Pull-ups 

Rest approximately 5 Minutes between Rounds 

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19 Responses
  1. Sara G

    A. 155# – 25# PR!
    B. 5:36 and 5:44 – did the PU’s with a red band instead of blue for the first time 🙂

  2. Crysta P

    A. 210# (10# PR) For some reason now that I am over 200# it freaks me out to know exactly what’s on the bar, so I did better just putting weight on and not thinking about it.
    B. 5:53/2 min rest/6:23 (stupid shoe coming untied cost me time on round 2…run, Pull-ups with green + skinny red). This workout didn’t seem so bad after doing WLC WOD on Saturday.

  3. Melissa

    A. 140# PR! Thanks Juli for looking me square in the eye when I failed the first time and saying “do it again, you can do it!” You of course were right!
    B. 10 something total minutes for both rounds. Used blue skinny band instead of green one today
    Fun to go to a noon class for once 🙂

  4. Paul Bye

    A. 295, 50# PR! The last squat cycle must have really paid off…
    B. 12:35 total – 5:15, 2-minute rest, 5:20. Running and jumping pull-ups.

  5. Susan kian

    Bs worked up to 170 or 175 felt pretty easy. Wanted to do 1 rep max but I thought maybe that is not smart. Starting to feel back to normal.

    Performance-done. Not sure on the time. Did a few MU attempts after but failed… Not kipping. Kind of feel like grip is slipping but it felt a smidge closer than the other day. My core is getting stronger everyday. Last time I did a MU it was 24 weeks and they were hit or miss. I WILL get this back to how they were. I am not going to get frustrated. I can feel my body coming back so I have to be patient.

  6. JennF

    A. 230. I think that matches my PR. Lifted with some inspiring ladies… and so great to hear the cheers all around.
    B. Performance RX. Proud of myself for doing all of the push ups strict and pull-ups unassisted (though I couldn’t string together).
    1st round 5:49, then started 2nd round at 7 minutes. 2nd round was 5:53. I have lost some running speed for sure!!

  7. Marcy

    A. 120 PR
    B. 14:09 total time (don’t remember first round time) … 2 min rest between. Strict pushups, med blue/skinny red bands

  8. Marcy

    I’m hoping the 120 is good, on the way up I started going forward but was able to stand up straight and save it.

  9. Staci Vinz

    A. 1 RM BS: 245(10#PR)-255(F)-250(F)
    B. 11:53 dips felt great. MU felt good, just had to do singles. Must work on stringing them together.
    Skipped C and D to celebrate the hubbies b-day!!!

  10. Megan

    A. 150# BS 20# PR
    B. 12:42 ( 2 mins rest total)
    All pull ups unassisted! I followed Sarah Jech’s advice…. At some point you just gotta stop using a band;) give up the crutch!

  11. Nicole Chovan

    A. 205-225-245(f)- 245(f). Didn’t even hit my 3RM today. Not sure what was going on. Maybe didn’t just warm up enough.
    B. 10:14 Felt good. Dips need a lot of work, Need to practice kipping them. MU were good. Think I could have strung more together if we didn’t have all the dips before hand.
    C. 65-70-75-80-85. Wish I would have rested a bit longer and then done more consistent sets or at least stayed at 85+
    D. Ran 25 laps around the parking lot. Think that’s about 2 miles. Very slow recovery.

    Good advice to Megan, coach Jech!

  12. Carrie

    A. 265# back squat. 20# PR. Felt good. The warm up helped a lot. Hard to get moving that early
    B. 6:33 2 min rest then 1/2 the WOD. 12:50ish. Running is not my strong suit. thin green band for pull ups. Worked on strict push ups.

  13. Joel

    A. 285. Felt a little odd to actually jump with that weight.

    B. Talk about sucking wind. Definitely need to work on my running and cardio.

  14. Keith G

    A: 185# stopped there – this is the weight where I hurt myself about a month ago. Felt good to get back to that. No pain in the groin. Will push it more next time
    B: 9:36. Did both rounds straight through without a break. Good workout. Did pullups with red band.