Saturday 05032014


All Levels 

A.  Nuke 

On a Running Clock 

8 Mins to complete

1 Mile Run 

Max Deadlifts @ 315lb/205lb 

10 Mins to complete

1 Mile Run 

Max Power Cleans @ 225lb/135lb 

12 Mins to complete 

1 Mile Run 

Max OHS @ 135lb/95lb 

Scale scale scale scale scale

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4 Responses
  1. Staci Vinz

    1600/10@ 205
    Great 10:00 class!!! Good coaching Michael! Thanks for the time updates and magically making the right weights appear on the bars! This is the farthest I’ve run in one WOD in over 3 years!!! Body still not sure it wants to run, but it actually felt good and NO leg pain!!!

  2. Susan kian

    FS worked 3 rep from 85 up to 125. Did more reps since light
    1600/18@ 125

    Did rowing not running. Times were 6:38, 7:05, 7:25 if I recall. Ran out of steam and slacked a bit on the last row.