Monday 06092014

Looking for and finding Awesome.


A. Clean and Jerk 6×3 @75%

B. 14 min AMRAP

5 squat Cleans (155/115)

10 Pull ups

30 DU or 60 singles


A. Clean and Jerk 5×3 touch and go at 75%

B. 14 min AMRAP

6 Squat Cleans (185/135)

12 C2B

30 DU

C. Tabata Planks

Assault Bike 10x 30s work/ 30s rest

-Post results to comments.

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11 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 105#. That was a lot of clean and jerks…
    B. 5+6 (Squat Cleans @ 100#, Pull ups w red + green band, singles). Didn’t get my grips on and ripped callouses on both hands. Strategic fail.

  2. Carrie

    A. Kept a little light since I haven’t lifted above my head for a few weeks. 95#
    B. 6 rounds. 85#. Thin green and red. Singles. Tough workout today. Felt good to lift some weight again.
    FYI Michael’s the best!!

  3. JennF

    A. Loved the rep scheme. 115-115-120-120-125-130. Kept bar closer. Confident with the lifts today.
    B. performance. @115 (perhaps a lil heavy). Pull-ups. Terrible kipping. Doubles and singles 5+15

  4. Sara G

    A. 95# – 10# more than last Monday
    B. 5 rounds – 65# cleans, skinny red band for PU’s & ALL DU’s! Got a few sets of 20+ DU’s strung together!
    Totally exhausted and dripping sweat after the WOD – tough but felt good.

  5. Paul Bye

    A. 95-145-145-155-155-155
    B. 6 rounds + 2. @135# cleans, mostly jumping pull-ups, as many DUs as I could get each round.

  6. Cally

    A. 65# – staying light and really working on form, it keeps getting better. Squats are getting better, jerks are getting sturdy! Thanks Nic and Sara!
    B. 5 + 5 55#, DUs (got 25 & 30 in a row!), red band.
    Good workout

  7. Laura S

    Today I really tried to ease back into lifting. I really haven’t lifted since the end of April. I could really tell its been that long.

    A. 2 sets @ 55, 4 @ 60
    B. 4 rounds (cleans @ 55, pull-ups with green and red bands, singles)

    It was a rough WOD for me. I just felt really tired and weak today. My goal for this week is to make it to 2 more WODs, and sort of put myself back on the WLC to get my nutrition back on course.

  8. Marcy

    A. 6 x 3 C & J; 1st @45; 2-6 @55
    B. 5 rounds + 5 cleans (just did 45#’s; banded pull-ups and ski erg for 50 seconds per round)

  9. Sara J

    A. 115,115,115,120
    B. Cleans @ 125
    Pull ups
    30 DUs
    C. Shoulders were on fire during planks
    D. Legs felt huge and like jello after bike