Monday 11192012

2012 Turkey Throwdown

A big thanks to all of our members and coaches at CFP for making the Turkey Throwdown a very special event.  We couldn’t ask for a better community!  

CFP will be closed on Thanksgiving this Thursday, there will be a normal class schedule for Friday and Saturday.  

Great tips for snatching!


A.  Take 20 Minutes to work up to the heaviest load possible for the following – 3 x TNG Snatches



Push Presses @ 115lb/85lb 


Russian Swings (Heavy!) 

-Post results under comments  

21 Responses
  1. Jim Sorum

    A. form work
    B. 9:27 @95lbs and one leg shredded on my shorts

    My grip was shot due to yesterday’s atlas stone and tire flipping so of course Matt programs a grip intensive WOD

  2. A: 75#
    B: 6:32 @ 55 #. I went too light on weight. I am still struggling to choose the right weights, need to work on pushing myself and not being afraid!

  3. Taylor

    A. 105#
    B. 8:06, 85#. Could have probably gone heavier, always difficult for me. Grip absolutely shot for last round of T2B.

  4. Rach

    3×5 back squat: 115, 135, 155
    Wod: 7:06
    Done w/ 1pd kb push press, 2x sit-ups, 1.25? Kb swings,
    Class ab work
    Extra: 2x 10 each of ghds& reverse hypers unbroken

  5. Vince Brickley

    A: 95# – Thanks Josie for the great pointers!
    B: 8:15 – 75#, lying leg raises, and yellow kb (or lime green – is there a lime green one step up from yellow? If so, that’s cruel to the colorblind…) Either way it was my max. Felt really good push pressing 75#.

  6. Katina Austin

    Snatch @ #65 felt week and sore today
    WOD 747 Push press @55 and AB mat sit-ups heavy KB and that felt good! Should have done knees to elbows, need to stop saying I can’t and just do it! Need to push myself more.