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Turkey Throwdown!
Turkey Throwdown!


A.  Take 15 Minutes to establish a 3RM Deadlift 

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins 

6 – 8 x Strict Pull-ups 

C.  3 Rounds AFAP 

20 x Air Squats 

60 x Double-unders (2:1) 


30 x Divers 


A.  Take 15 Minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch (Not TNG) 

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins 

6 – 8 x Strict Pull-ups 

C.  3 Rounds AFAP 

15 x OHS @ 95lb/65lb 

60 x Double-unders (2:1) 


30 x T2B 


A.  Take 15 Minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch (Not TNG) 

B.  EMOM – 5 Mins 

3 – 5 x Bar Muscle-ups 

C.  3 Rounds AFAP 

15 x OHS @ 115lb/85lb 

60 x Double-unders 


30 x T2B 

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11 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. Made it to 75lb. It was a bit ugly.
    B. Ring rows – stuck to 6 each set, arms still hurting from Saturday.
    C. 9:05 – OHS @ 35lb (should have gone heavier, this was the bright spot in the WOD)
    Single-unders (couldn’t jump rope to save my life today…I think I got used to jumping with a too long rope and now that I have one the right length, I have to learn how to jump rope properly…)
    T2B (on floor)

  2. Pat Demeules

    A. 145. Missed 2nd at 150
    B. 6 most of the time with assistance from sherwin
    C. 12:00 cap made it to 20 k2e with 75#ohs

  3. Susan kian

    I missed Cfp while I was out of town! So glad to be back to my routine!

    Snatch 120-wierd this used to be my max but somehow it was easy…I can’t wait to try maxing out my snatch when I’m not pregnant.

    Pull-ups done. I thought about doing muscle ups with a band or something to avoid slamming into the bar like I normally do but thought it might be unsafe.

    WOD done
    Overhead squats were easy but struggled with dubs today, very inconsistent…need more practice. Toes to bar felt a lil off too.
    My abs don’t work!

  4. Keith G

    A: New PR in DL – 215#!
    B. Really struggled with the PUs, even with Russ helping to lift. Not sure it would have been any better with bands. PUs are definitely not my strong suit. Never been, probably never will be. Should have done rings.
    C: 6.23 w/SUs. Really nailed my rope today – didn’t struggle at all. Was pretty much able to get through 120 with 1, maybe 2 stops. Technique!

  5. Staci Vinz

    A. Worked on form. Got up to 125# and decided to call it good. Nailed my hips bones do frickin’ hard…. Ouch!
    B. Did about 5-6. Haven’t tried these in really long time, so worked on pulling hips to the bar and going around. Started getting the hang of it. Now to work on stringing them together.
    C. 8:41 Rx double unders were not my friend today. I couldn’t get a good string together for the life of me. They were bothering my leg today, so that didn’t help. Thank goodness Monday is over!

  6. Laura S

    A. 2 RM @ 85#, did 1 rep @ 90# which is a new PR for me
    B. Did 8 each set with assistance
    C. OHS @ 55-really struggled with these today. It bothered my wrists
    Singles and did knees to bar = 10:38

  7. Amy S

    A. 2 Max Rep @ 65#
    B. 8-6-6 with black band
    C. OHS 55# for 15, then just 35# for remaining 30. Practiced kipping swing. My hands are raw…need to build some calluses.

  8. Steve Vinz

    A. Still working on form….110lbs.
    B Did 8 strict PU’s per round with Keith’s help!
    C. 8:36….75lb. OHS, single unders, and was able to get 5-6 T2B in a row up to 20 or so, then it was 1-2 the rest of the way to 30.

    Good workout….have to keep working on DU’s!

  9. JennF

    Case of the Mondays.
    A. 85#
    B. with a lil help from a friend 8 per round
    C. DNF!! 65#; 120 singles x 3 with a gimpy ankle from when I had to do 600 singles last week… gotta figure out the Dubs!! T2B cant string 2 in a row, I have to steady myself in between each, which takes too long. Probably got through 16-18, I think?

  10. Cally

    A: worked on getting down lower (thanks Keith!) only did 35 and 55#s
    B: 5 first round and then 8 with help
    C. OHS at 35# (really trying to see if I can slowly add weight and get down in my squat), Got 40 DUs in a row! Then mostly 5-15, still haven’t figured the trick to get many in a row. Worked on K2E, not too bad

  11. Sara Jech

    A. Hit 110 1x (5lb PR)- couldn’t stand the second one up….. actually my left elbow was weak and I was a little nervous something was going to happen LOL so I bailed…..

    B. Done with red bad (6-8 pull ups/chin ups each set)

    C. OHS @ 65lb… Wanted to do more, but shoulders were pretty exhausted
    First round all DUs…. 2nd round half and half….. 3rd round all SUs…… Just couldn’t string the DUs together… Looked like that was a common theme
    All T2B