Monday 11262012

Jim, Jolene, Lauren, and Mike at the Turkey Throwdown

A.  Take 15 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max Jerk behind the neck  

Demo Video

B.  3 Rounds AFAP 

10 x Clean&Jerks @ 135lb/95lb

20 x Hand Release Push-ups or Ring Push-ups 

30 x Double-unders 

(12 Min Cap) 

C.  Mobility and core work 

-Post results under comments  

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24 Responses
  1. Staci

    A. Kept it light today, still can’t split jerk, so had to behind neck push jerk. 85-95-195-115-125(fail)
    B. 2 rounds + 15 (12 min cap, darn you push-ups for taking so long!!!)

  2. Jim Sorum

    A. 155 I think
    B. 8:42 @115. I may have done a few extra reps of C&J’s since I kept losing count on the way to ten

  3. A: maxed at 95#, could have done more but ran out of time
    B: almost an Rx WOD, I did 95# and double unders, but still push-ups on my knees. Thank you Matt and Julie for the coaching and support!!

  4. Rach

    4×5 back sq: 135, 155, 165, 175
    Wod: 8:45
    10c&j 1pd kb
    20 burpees
    30 du
    Shoulders finally feeling good!! No pain!!

  5. Jennifer Brickley

    First day back after two weeks, dealing with tennis elbow. Did jerks off the rack, double under attempts plus singles. Ran out of time, but finished all but the last round of jump rope. Weights for jerks 55#

  6. Megan

    Jerk 75#, still not super comfortable with this movement
    WOD I got 2 rounds plus 15. C&J at 65# and actually did double unders in the second round. Didn’t finish, but I felt that I pushed myself to lift a pretty heavy weight and go for the double unders, so I’m satisfied with that.

  7. Jessi Sawyer

    85# jerk, ran out of time.
    WOD = 10:15 with 25# dumbbells hang clean/jerk. Still waiting for that alligator bite to heal.

  8. Tammy

    Hit a PR with 1 rep max jerk behind the neck–85lbs 🙂 WOD: 9:59. Not comfortable with movement of clean and jerk but will continue to work on it. Was able to put together 7-8double unders before going to singles. Great night! Keep up the great work, athletes and thank you, coaches, for what you do!

  9. Vince Brickley

    A: 145#
    B: 11:45 with 85# and singles. Just made it! I need to learn how to do double unders, ’cause single buy-in’s suck. 🙂 Great coaching, Josey!

  10. Josh

    A. 205# (barely missed 225 a few times)
    B. 11:40 @ 115
    Some singles, some double Unders. Trying to work more DUs into the workouts without stretching the WOD out too long.