Monday 12032012

Holiday PR Challenge 


Who:  All CFP members 

Challenge:  How much STRONGER and FASTER can you get in 5 weeks?  

Challenge Prelims:  Week of December 3rd, Test your Max Snatch, C&J, and 2K Row during the daily gym programming for Monday and Wednesday.  

Challenge Finals:  Saturday January 12th 2013 @ 9am.  

Prizes:  TBA 

Cost:  FREE for members 

Register:  Follow this link to log in your name and results  

-Questions please forward them to Matt at [email protected] 

A.  Take 20 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max Snatch 



Kettlebell Swings 

25ft Shuttle Run x 2 <-> (Between each round) 

-Post results under comments  

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23 Responses
  1. Nate

    Snatch: 2 EMOM for 10 minutes w/ 95% 1rm. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
    WOD: 3:59 w/ 36kb bell, Russian swings

  2. Jenn Frank

    Snatch 85#- Frustrating that I cannot get the “lean back/shrug thing” down Must be pretty obvious when 3 coaches have told me the same thing!! ARRGH!!..
    WOD 4:35 1pd.

  3. Mike Soper

    Snatch 125# – driving up okay but can’t seem to get myself to squat down under the bar very well, need to work on that.
    WOD 4:49 24kg kettle bell

  4. Tired from an 8 hour day of running around at work. Only did 65# for snatch with recent PR of 75#. when my lifting weight goes up my form goes down. Thanks coaches for helping me. 4:14 with 1 pd KB. I am glad I can run again.