New Programming – Cycle 1 – Session 1 – Week 1

Welcome to the new programming for CFP – Strength Olympic Weightlifting classes

This will be my everyday programming which will be optimal for anyone wanting to maximize there strength potential and improve upon there Olympic lifts. There will also still be 2 other levels of programming designed for people dropping in for a brush up on there technique and those who train 2 to 3 times a week.


Let’s begin……

Cycle 1 – Week 1 – Session 1

Intensity – 80%

Strength (presses, RDL’s, ETC.) – always right down your numbers, I don’t program percentages for these because they are movements you should always be striving to improve on. That doesn’t mean a max out every sessions but from week to week you should be striving to put on another 5 lbs for your last set.

A.) Strength Challenge start – Sots Press
– Pull Progressions
B.) Snatch – 6×1
– 1×3, 2×2, 3×1,
– Behind neck strict Press – 3×10
– Snatch RDL’s – 3×10
C.) Core


The Pull progressions is a new warm up that I have been working on and feel will truly help with everyones technique. This will not be the only time we perform the new pull progressions so don’t worry if you can’t be here tonight.

– Strength Challenge – Each cycle we will have a specific exercise that we will test out on for fun. A cycle runs for about 4 weeks. The 1st cycles challenge will be the Sots Press an old favorite. Enjoy.


Link of the Day – Maybe the craziest lift we will see for a while – 3 x body weight Clean and Jerk

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