Tuesday 10222013


The Halloween WOD will be this Saturday from 10am – 11am, here will also be normal class hours at 8am and 9am.  



A1.  Back Squat – 5 x 8 w/4 Min Rest

A2.  Strict Pull-ups – 5 x After each set of Squats 

B.  Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets

<-> x 2 – 20M Shuttle Run

10 x Tuck Jumps 

10 x Sit-ups   


A1.  Back Squats – 10 x 10 @ 40%-60% +5lb-10lb 

A2.  Strict Pull-ups – 5 x After each set of Squats 

B.  Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets 

<-> x 3 – 20M Shuttle Run (All out) 

10 x Box jumps w/Step down @ 24inch/20inch 

10 x T2B  


A1.  Back Squats – 10 x 10 @ 40%-60% +5lb-10lb 

A2.  Strict C2B Pull-ups – 5 x After each set of Squats 

B.  Every 2 Minutes for 5 Sets 

<-> x 3 – 20M Shuttle Run (All out) 

10 x Box jumps w/Step down @ 30inch/24inch 

10 x T2B  

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17 Responses
  1. Nicole Chovan

    A1. Done at 140 (+5 from last week) no weight belt or oly shoes today!
    A2. Done. Used switch grip this week.
    B. Done. Felt pretty decent. Having a hard time with the T2B still, but Derek helped me after class and I’ll try and work on them every day 🙂

    Good 5:30 class 🙂

  2. Cally

    A: 90# (up 5 from last week) Megan is a great partner!!
    B: Had to be careful on run (knee a little sore), only got 6 T2E on a couple rounds
    TIred today

  3. Susan Kian

    Squats at 125 I think…see Staci’s. Not bad.
    Pull-ups I alternated between chest to bar chin-ups and not ctb pullups. These are getting harder every week…and I thought the squats were supposed to be the worst part…

    Honestly I should have pushed harder. I did all my ttb on the low bar which I now realize is stupid because i can stand with flat feet and grab the bar…most of my energy was wasted avoiding the floor. Next time I will pick out a highbar spot….it’s 20 times easier on a highbar because I don’t have to kill my momentum. I tried working after class on a highbar with a variety of styles and it is probably best to learn them all…someways are faster but more taxing to me personally. I’m flexible and my abs don’t tire easily so I tend to rely on that which is why keeping my legs straight doesn’t bother me. I will try to learn the flicky kick way for speed.

    Home exercise bike 60 minutes medium pace. Doing this as I type this!

  4. Carrie

    Squats. 100# up 5 from last week
    Really like working in the strict pull ups. These are still a challenge but getting easier over the past few weeks!!

  5. Staci Vinz

    A1. Done @ 125 (+20# from last week)
    A2. Done
    B. Done. Was easier than I was anticipating. Did 4/5 rounds of T2B unbroken, grip going on last set.
    100 abmat sit-ups
    100 Russian twists with 25# weight
    (Really miss the GHD machines!!!)

  6. Cyndi

    A. Done at 105# (up 15 from last week. I may have started to light… But regardless lots of squats is good for me, I’ll keep working at it)
    B. varied grips, most sets did first 3 Pullups strict C2B unbroken, then dropped for last 2 and hit chest to bar.
    C. Done. Was good, workin on quickness and efficiency with TTB, but fatigue with them too. Did sets 10-10-10, then 7/3 and 7/3

    Tried working MU swing, but was
    Gonna be in way of
    FIT class :/. Not sure when is best for me to try and work on my bigger goat!

  7. Susan Kian

    Well no one ever cuts me off and says SHUT UP Susan..no one cares. . I like to ramble on and on. It’s like my daily journal. I need to get my feelings out ….no one wants to hear about crossfit at my house!

  8. Keith

    A: Performance @115#. Probably heavier than if I had chose the weight, but went with what partner John was using. Still not getting low enough for Shawn! 🙂
    Did pullups with 2 red bands, got mostly over the bar
    B: Fitness

  9. JennF

    A. Performance 115… stuck with the same as last week because it was a TOUGH weight. … red band for pull ups, had the blue band there for a crutch– so happy I did not use it. They seemed easier today!! Thighs are burning.
    B. Performance– T2B are difficult to do fast without being able to string them together.

    Snuck in FIT class for 2 rounds while my little spitfire Isaac burned off some energy– So cute to watch. FIT class is pretty cool… may have regretted this decision tomorrow. OUCH!!

  10. Malachi Johnson

    A.) 215, up 10 from last week. Felt good today, still really hard, but much better than last week.
    B.) finished performance. Need to work on T2B….

  11. Steve Vinz

    A. 135lbs. (up 10 from last week).
    A2. Pullups with the red band.
    B. Done — 20 inch step ups, did all t2b’s, but still had a hard time stringing them together.
    Also came in 30 minutes early and worked on t2b and bar taps.
    They’re getting easier….it’s just taking a while.
    Good workout!

  12. Sara J

    A. squats at 115lb +10 from last week.. felt good. . really going to keep increasing 10 each week
    pull ups with red band. hard this week. . shoulders were pretty spent from HSPUs on Monday

    B. good, fun WOD
    all T2B… still trying to string them together
    20in box jumps

    5 rounds of 10 x 2 pood swings with 1 min plank