The Fitness Buffet.


Everyone loves a buffet.  Take a taste of everything or dig into what you love.

CFP is now offering One punch card for 3 different classes.

Buy the punch card here:  Fitness Buffet

CFP FIT class: The CFP FIT class is an evolution of strength and conditioning that covers an aspect of fitness most people can’t singularly get from one specific program.  The focus is a mesh of general strength and general conditioning for all lifestyles.  This class was developed to assist the average person as well as the endurance athlete improve or develop strength while maintaining and enhancing endurance.   The CFP FIT classes will offer a unique blend of movements and different levels of intensity that can be individually tailored. FIT Class is at CFP HQ on Tuesdays and Thursday at 6:30pm

CFP Boot Camp: This program uses body weight exercises, functional movements, and metabolic conditioning to develop strength and endurance, while promoting fat loss. Workouts are fun and intense, and can be adjusted to any individual’s physical ability regardless of past experience.  CFP’s Boot Camp meets at CFP Strength and conditioning at 7pm on Mon, Wed, and Fridays.

CFP Kettlebell classes:  These classes combine RKC and StrongFirst kettlebell movements with body weight movements providing a fun and challenging alternative for those looking to increase their fitness levels.   Kettlebells have been shown to develop core strength, adapt full body synchronization, increase mobility and provide an injury preventing work-out.  Kettlebell Classes are at CFP Strength and Conditioning Mon, Wed, Friday at 6pm.

Buy the punch card here:  Fitness Buffet


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  1. Stef

    I love the opportunity the punch card provides. With working two jobs, I find it hard to commit to regular class schedules every week. This will allow me to still participate in CFP and feel like my funds and fitness coincide.