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“It has helped me believe in myself.  I have learned things in here that I can apply to my life outside of here.” -Tammy, CFP member. 

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  1. Alexi

    A. Deadlifts @ 275-285-295×3
    B. 12+ 5 pullups + 3 pushups. First 5 or 6 rounds did jumping pullups, the rest I did RX with kipping.

  2. Carrie

    A. Deadlifts. 195×2 then 205×3
    B. 13+ 2 pull-ups. Thin green band for the first time for an entire workout!

  3. Angela

    A. Dead lifts @ 175×2, 185×3
    B. 15+15 w/ red band. Blew my last Cindy reps away & used less of a band! Hey, I think I’ll stick with this CrossFit:)

  4. Sara Jech

    A. 185, 205, 205, 210, 215

    B. 12 + 20
    NO banded pull ups!!!!!!!!!!! First time ever…. I ripped like a son of a gun, and really wish I didn’t because 1) it hurts like a mother and 2) because I was feeling pretty good on the pull ups…. Just couldn’t hang out any longer….

    Did the first two rounds on my toes for the push ups….. The following rounds I did as many toes push ups (usually only 3-5) then switched to knees…..

    Squats were a nice break in this WOD 🙂

  5. Jim

    Morning WOD: “Gallant” (1 mile run w/20lbs med ball, 60 burpee pullups, 800m run w/20lbs med ball, 30 burpee pullups, 400m run w/20lbs med ball, 15 burpee pullups) 40:55

    Evening WOD
    A. 225 could have done more but saving something for Cindy
    B. 18+9 totally different workout with chest all the way to the ground on pushups

  6. Susan Kian

    Dead lift 175 improved technique from last time. Felt much better. Usually these hurt.

    Cindy 16 rds

    Strength at home

  7. John

    A: dead lifts @ 205# , could have gone a little heavier,
    B: Cindy, 17 rounds, all Rx

    I have not done a kipping pull-up in a month due to shoulder issues. I did not know if i was going to be able to do any today, but it just worked,

  8. Clara

    Cindy: 9 rounds + 26 (so close to ten rounds!) Rx. I had to worm my pushups quite a bit by the end. Felt really ill afterwards.

  9. Staci Vinz

    A.. DL @ 225 all rounds. Should of gone heavier.
    B. 13+19 (PR of 2 rds+15) still not happy with my lack of strength on push-ups. Time to hit the bench press.
    60 GHD’s

  10. Paul Bye

    A. 185-205-225-225-225
    B. Cindy – 14 rounds with jumping pull-ups. First WOD where I was able to maintain push-ups without doing knees

  11. JennF

    A. DL-175#… thanks for the tips Matt and Shawn..
    B. 13+1 or 14+1.. lost count. Nice push at the end Juli…. Felt better about my kip, but still slow at the pull ups. 1st few rounds all push ups were from toes. Right shoulder mobility still sucks and many of the rounds I was only able to do 4-5 strict. Wormed rest.

  12. Cory L

    A. 5x EMOM 30secs Russian KB swings. No deadlifts today. Working on healing the back.
    B. 8+14. This one killed me. I had particular difficulty with the pushups and squats, and my pullups were jumping pullups. 🙁 Pushups were my weakest of the three by far. LBP while getting up and down for pushups and on each squat. Hopefully everything’s still okay. Was highly focused on form to stave off injury. Lower back feeling about the same as before the workout, so that’s probably a good sign.

  13. Nicole Chovan

    A. Deadlifts at 205. Didn’t feel very good on my back.
    B. Cindy- 18 +10. Was pretty happy with where I ended up. Was hoping to get another round in. Push-ups didn’t feel great, definitely where I struggled the most, but felt like I did a good job of pacing it. Must give credit to Nelly for getting me through those last few rounds 😉 thanks Matt!

  14. Steve Vinz

    A. 225 X 2, 245 X 3.
    B. 17 rounds Rx, 1 round PR.

    Deadlifts are not my friend….hard on the back.
    Still my favorite workout!

  15. Rach

    A: 195×2, 205×3 (made sure my back stayed flat, no hunchback)
    B: 16+6 rx (shoulder ached like an SOB! stupid pushups slowed me down)

  16. Holly T

    A. 185, 205, 205, 210, 215 (made my back a little sore, not my favorite lift but getting better at it)
    B. 12 + 15
    One of my favorite workouts even though my arms are almost always sore the next day