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Monday 05192014


A.  Establish a 6RM Back Squat   then perform: 

3 Sets of 6 Reps of A @ -10lb-30lb w/3 Min Rest 

B.  3 Rounds AFAP  400M Run  20 x Alternating DB Snatches 


A.  Establish a 6RM Back Squat   then perform: 

3 Sets of 6 Reps of A @ -10lb-30lb w/3 Min Rest 

B.  3 Rounds AFAP  400M Run  15 x PC+PJ @ 115lb/85lb  15 Min Cap 

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10 Responses
  1. Crysta P

    A. 165 load drop to 145. Still sore from DL on Saturday – a little hip/back tweakiness so did not push it today.
    B. 14:04 (PC+PJ @ 65lb) Worked on connecting the PC & PJ into one motion. Had some success but I feel like I get off center on the bar.
    Feel better after moving and mobility.

  2. Lindsey Grace

    A. 135# 6 rep max, load drop to 125# for 3 sets of 6 reps
    B. 12:20 500m row and 55# PC+PJ (should’ve maybe went heavier on the clean/jerks)

  3. Carrie

    A. 165 then down to 155. Same as last week. Knee was not liking the squating so didn’t push it
    B. 14:00. Ugh running. 65# probably should’ve went heavier but knew the running would be tough.

  4. Nicole Chovan

    A. 200. Drop sets at 185
    B. 15:18
    C. Skipped, did a variation of this on thursday. And my hands were torn after B.
    D. Did a variation. Added a few more things to work on my shoulders
    Practiced some HS walks.

  5. Staci Vinz

    A. 205, drop set 3×6 @ 185
    B. 12:04 only did 6 BMU each round. Wasn’t sure how they would feel or how long they would take. Probably could if done 8-10/round and been ok.
    Skipped C and D. Had to work late and only had an hour to workout.

  6. JennF

    A. Pushed it working with Ms. Vinz. 185–dropped to 175 (3×6).
    B. 11:41 rowing and 85# PJ/PC. Sore wrist.

  7. Sara Jech

    A. 180, dropped to 160 (accidently counted wrong), 170, 170

    B. 400 M Run, 12 Bar MUs
    did all with blue and red band….. first time ever doing MUs in a workout

    C. Worked up to 125, bringing down to back is rough on the neck
    Did the 10 sets at 105….. Not much rest on this (8-10 secs per round)

    D. 3 sets
    20 GHD strict sit ups
    1 min holds
    8/8 DB Row w/40lb

  8. Paul Bye

    A. 6-RM @195#, 10# higher than last week. 3 sets @175#. Probably could go higher, but this is week 2 of correcting my squat, so far so good.
    B. 12:45 @95# PC/PJ, running. Out of breath a couple different times in this one, but kept a steady pace.