Programming Changes 2018

April 9th 2018 will mark a change in our group fitness class programming.

We will be changing up the names a bit of our 3 programs.  Unchanged will be the legendary track.

The Former “Performance/RX program will become simply RX.  The “Compete” program will become CrossFit.


You can read about this program here: Legendary!

RX Program:

This will be Progression’s recommended programming for the day for those people looking to improve and maintain health, strength, longevity, and life performance.  This program will feature the barbell and complex movements.  It will not contain inversions(Handstand stuff) or other nuanced movements.  The program is Progression’s recommendation for those coming to the gym daily for Fitness and Health.

CrossFit Program:

The CrossFit Program will be CrossFit.  Those looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit or those who just love CrossFit should do this program.  This program will include all that is CrossFit.


Many days the RX program and CrossFit program will look the same.  Some days they will not.  If you are someone who participates in functional fitness competitions such as the Granite Games or Festivus, you should lean toward the CrossFit Program.

You will still find many CrossFit Benchmarks(Cindy, Helen, Fran) in the RX program.


Your Progression programming team:

Nic Scudamore
Nate Dunfee
Michael Licatino
Joshua J Grenell








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  1. Zeb

    Your programming knowledge is outstanding and I look forward to your continued guidance which has allowed me to grow and challenge myself. Thank you!