What is your Plan B?

The Seefeldts are ready.


You schedule your week of  work outs every Sunday night, put them in your calendar as important meetings, just like your coach said you should do. You do this right?!?!


Read—>  Results Elusive?

But…  Something goes wrong…

What now?  Fitness IS still required.  What is your plan B?

Vacation?  What is your plan?

Plan B’s work best when it is something you don’t hate to do.  Burpees and odd object thrusters?  Do you hate them both?  Pick something else.

Don’t mind going for a walk?  Add some push ups or squats and that will do the trick.

Love Running.  Rare I know…  But if you do this is an easy plan B.  Just make sure to add some spice to it.  Burpees are great every mile.  Crawling is also a great add on to running.

Can’t get outside?

Squats, burpees, push ups, sit ups,and  mountain climbers are all your friends.


Sample at home, trapped inside WODs:


Living room Fran:


air squats


Record your time and beat it next time!


Need something harder?


Carpet Puddle:

4 Rounds:

20 burpees

20 push ups

20 sit ups

20 squats

For time!


Have a plan B.  So you don’t have an Excuse.

Stay fit!

Joshua J Grenell


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