Saturday 05052012

Happy 30th Birthday to Shawn Vinz

Shawn’s Story

What has CrossFit meant to me?

I first heard about CrossFit from past friends who were just opening their own box or had been crossfitting for a while and I thought it was about time to try it for myself.  I was walking into CFP, with what I call baggage, and lots of it.  I was going through a tough time in my life, not knowing what to do, where to go, and looking to change EVERYTHING.  I was coming from a 20 year career playing hockey and looking to get back the “fight” I had in the past as well as something new and refreshing.  CrossFit provided that platform for me.  I had or have done almost all the movements at some point in my career but rarely grouped them together the way CrossFit does.  I also found a ‘locker room” atmosphere that I had really missed where there is constant support, instantaneous camaraderie, like minded individuals, and bad language, all things I love.   All I seemed to get from the ‘other’ gyms were isolated movements that swelled me up for the beach and a bunch of old naked guys running around a locker room sparking up conversation.  Now, all of the things I had been missing from my ‘playing days’ seemed to be right in front of me at CFP.  Outside of loving the support and community feel of CrossFit, BSing after WODs on the sidelines, and constantly picking everyone’s brain so I can secretly plot to beat them in the next WOD I found new friends, a new family, and a soon to be wife, Staci.  

I owe not only CrossFit, but more importantly CFP, a HUGE THANK YOU for giving me my life back and letting me share my experience with the COMMUNITY and giving me an incredible person to share my life with.  

A.  Barbara  

5 Rounds each for time: 

20 x Pull-ups 

30 x Push-ups 

40 x Sit-ups 

50 x Squats 

Rest 3 minutes between rounds

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